SBCs removed from FIFA 23 AGAIN!



FIFA 23 end game is here with some of our final promos of the game marking the end of the FIFA title. With promos such as Cover Star Icons and FUTTIES, fans continue to try to collect the best cards in the game through SBCs and objectives.

As new cards continue to come out in FIFA 23 every other day, EA adds new SBCs to allow players the opportunity to collect these new cards. However, there seems to be an issue with one of the latest SBCs. However, there seems to be an issue with one of the latest SBCs.

EA have made SBCs almost impossible to complete even with the transfer market crash, with SBCs requiring 88 rated squads, this makes it very difficult for players to complete at end game FIFA. Without further ado let's dive into the latest SBCs to be removed!

LATEST - SBCs added back for 5 days

EA Sports have added back both SBCs with updated requirements, these SBCs are available in FIFA 23 for just 5 days. The importance of these SBCs allow for players to grind SBCs and packs in order to afford new cards coming out.

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  • 84 x10

Team Rating: Min. 87

Team of the Week or Team of the Season players: Min. 1

  • 85 x10

Team Rating: Min. 88

Team of the Week or Team of the Season players: Min. 1

We are happy to see the return of these SBCs and we hope EA Sports extends this past 5 days!

SBCs removed

With FUTTIES in full force, EA have dropped new opportunities for fans to pick up these iconic pink cards. The following SBCs were the latest to drop:

  • 84 x10 now required 88 rated squad
  • 85 x10 now required 87 + 85 Squads

These SBCs were later removed by EA a couple hours after being released into FIFA 23. This led to the issue of fans completing this SBC, which was removed due to unfair requirements.

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Credit: @Fut_scoreboard

EA Sports received tons of backlash for these SBCs as fans believe this is the correct requirement for these SBCs.

  • 84 x10 now required 84 rated squad
  • 85 x10 now required 85 rated squad

This would allow for a much more fair requirement for this SBC and this is exactly what fans are hoping EA re-release this SBC with.


EA Sports have confirmed that there will be compensation to players who did complete this SBC before it was removed from FIFA 23.

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Players can expect to receive compensation in the coming days, offering them all the items they submitted to the SBC back into their Ultimate Team club.

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