FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps Token Tracker

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fifa 23 fut birthday swaps token tracker
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The FUT Birthday promo is underway in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, celebrating the anniversary of the fan favourite game mode.

A FUT Birthday Swaps Token system is once again accompanying the event, giving you the opportunity to earn some extra rewards along the way!


Stay up to date with all the FUT Birthday Swaps and make sure you don't miss out on a single Token in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team by using our tracker.

Latest Release

Another FUT Birthday Swaps Token has been made available to add to your growing collection.

As we have seen in previous events and which has already been featured in this one, EA likes to make Tokens available in the First Owner Fiesta objectives.


You can earn the latest Swaps Token for Bentil by completing the Win 1 task.

FUT Birthday Swaps Token Tracker

17 FUT Birthday Swaps Tokens have been released so far, so make sure you act quickly to get them before they expire.

Check out the FUT Birthday Swaps Tokens all in one place:

Token # Released Where to Find Expiry Date
1 - Magnusson20/3Free on login7/4
2 - Oduah20/3New Year Review Foundations Pack (FUT Store)24/3
3 - Ementa20/3FGS Challenge 10 SBC27/3
4 - Hofman21/3First Owner Fiesta Objective (Win 1)28/3
5 - Gibbs22/3Silver Stars Objective (Win 3)29/3
6 - Marc Aguado23/3Marquee Matchups (Denmark v Finland)30/3
7 - Ibrahim24/3FUT Birthday Joselu Objective (Finisher Mentality)31/3
8 - Jurcec24/3FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade Objective (4 Completions)7/4
9 - Isac24/3FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade Objective (7 Completions)7/4
10 - McGlynn24/3FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade Objective (10 Completions)7/4
11 - Silvera24/3FUT Birthday Party Objective (Important Venue)7/4
12 - Waleed24/3FUT 15 SBC31/3
13 - Gunther24/3FUT Birthday Celebrations Pack (FUT Store)31/3
14 - Priso25/3FUT 16 SBC1/4
15 - Ewolo26/3FUT 17 SBC2/4
16 - Gallacher27/3FUT 18 SBC3/4
17 - Bentil28/3First Owner Fiesta Objective (Win 1)4/4

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FUT Birthday Swaps Expired Tokens

The window for the following FUT Birthday Swaps Tokens has now expired:

  • #2 Oduah - New Year Review Foundations Pack (FUT Store)
  • #3 Ementa - FGS Challenge 10 SBC
  • #4 Hofman - First Owner Fiesta Objective (Win 1)
  • #5 Gibbs - Silver Stars Objective (Win 3)