FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC Cheapest Solutions

fifa 23 marquee matchups

Weekly Marquee Matchups Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team give us something regular to tuck into.

Marquee Matchups have been a staple of FUT for several seasons, and now that the domestic campaigns have finished, we have some challenges base on international matches to complete, celebrating some key games.

By completing challenges themed around the week's key matches you can earn some great pack rewards to improve your club in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Marquee Matchups

As always, you will have a week to complete the Marquee Matchups.

Start Date: Thursday, 15 June

Expiry Date: Thursday, 22 June

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How to Complete

To earn the group reward of a Rare Players Pack, you will need to complete all four challenges in the set.

The requirements are as follows:

Switzerland v Romania

  • Minimum one player from Switzerland OR Romania
  • Minimum four Nationalities
  • Minimum five Clubs
  • Minimum 75 Team Rating
  • Minimum 14 Squad Total Chemistry

Reward - 1 x Premium Electrum Players Pack

Belgium v Austria

  • Minimum one player from Belgium OR Austria
  • Minimum two Leagues
  • Minimum four players from the same Nation
  • Maximum five players from the same Club
  • Minimum 77 Team Rating
  • Minimum 18 Squad Total Chemistry

Reward - 1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Portugal v Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Minimum two players from Portugal OR Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Maximum six Nationalities
  • Maximum six players from the same League
  • Minimum one Rare player
  • Minimum 79 Team Rating
  • Minimum 22 Squad Total Chemistry Points

Reward - 1 x Prime Electrum Players Pack

France v Greece

  • Minimum two players from France OR Greece
  • Minimum two Leagues
  • Maximum three players from the same Nation
  • Minimum two Rare players
  • Minimum 81 Team Rating
  • Minimum 26 Squad Total Chemistry Points

Reward - 1 x Rare Mixed Players Pack

Estimated Cost - 31,000 coins


You can use the following players to complete the Marquee Matchups SBCs:

Switzerland v Romania

marquee matchups sbc solution fifa 23 switzerland v romania
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+ 4

Belgium v Austria

marquee matchups sbc solution fifa 23 belgium v austria
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+ 4

Portugal v Bosnia & Herzegovina

marquee matchups sbc solution fifa 23 portugal v bosnia & herzegovina
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+ 4

France v Greece

marquee matchups sbc solution fifa 23 france v greece
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+ 4

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