FIFA 23: Fans claim this year's game is the WORST EVER



FIFA 23 has arrived, with fans offering some mixed feedback following its full release.

Some fans have praised the alterations in gameplay, but others have cited a lack of new features when calling this year's game the worst ever.

The debate is rife, and we want to take a look at both sides of the coin.

FIFA 23 - The WORST Ever?

As stated above, some players haven't taken to FIFA 23, citing the slower pace and lack of new features as their main frustration.

The community has been somewhat split in this regard.

Some are like ourselves, enjoying the changes in gameplay speed, but others simply cannot understand why slow defenders are catching up with their fast strikers.

Of course, there is a balance to be struck, and currently, the Lengthy Archetype meta breakers like Haaland and van Dijk do seem to be causing disproportionate damage.

As emphasised in the Tweet below, some fans feel like FIFA 23 is a step back from its predecessors.

EA hasn't shied away from the fact that many changes were made to gameplay and player movement ahead of FIFA 23, but it looks like it's taking fans a little more time to grasp than they would have initially hoped.

Of course, not everyone is struggling with this year's game.

In fact, there's a large number of people who actually think this year's game may be the best we've seen for years.

FIFA 23 - The BEST Ever?!

FIFA 23 has triumphed in many ways and EA deserves an enormous amount of credit for the number of new animations and general gameplay improvements that have been made this year.

Whilst they may not be to everyone's taste, there is merit in the suggestion that this year's game is the most realistic football experience we've ever seen.

Ultimately, FIFA 23 is ushering in a new age for sports gaming, one in which realism and more fluid gameplay are introduced.

EA will almost certainly carry this gameplay style into their new release of EA Sports FC - with those that aren't currently enjoying FIFA 23 advised to take the year to adapt to these changes.

One thing that we can all agree on is that the lack of new features in modes like Career Mode, Pro Clubs and even Ultimate Team - to some extent - has left this year's release falling a little flat.

However, as stated in our FIFA 23 review, the lack of features is more than made up for with a game that genuinely places realistic gameplay at the very core of its existence.

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