FIFA 23 - Cheapest 87-Rated Players

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The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team content keeps coming and as FUT fans we can't get enough of it!

EA has been releasing loads of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), letting you upgrade your current side by trading in players for better ones.


We all know by now that in order to complete SBCs, you'll need fodder. So, check out the cheapest 87-rated players in Ultimate Team below.

Please note, all prices are accurate as of Tuesday, 13 December.

Cheapest 87 Rated Players

Paris Saint-Germain's Italian midfielder Marco Veratti is still the cheapest 87 OVR card in Ultimate Team, priced at 23,000 coins on PlayStation and Xbox.

Antonio Rudiger has seen a huge drop in price and will now only set you back 23,750 coins!

There is still the same crop of Premier League players included on the cheap list, with Trent Alexander-Arnold, Rodri, Hugo Lloris and David De Gea all coming in under 25,000 coins.

Top 10 cheapest 87-rated players in FUT 23:

  • Marco Verratti - 23,000 coins
  • Frenkie De Jong - 23,500 coins
  • Antonio Rudiger - 23,750 coins
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold - 24,000 coins
  • Serge Gnabry (Path to Glory) - 24,000 coins
  • Rodri - 24,000 coins
  • Mike Maignan - 24,000 coins
  • Hugo Lloris - 24,250 coins
  • David De Gea - 24,250 coins
  • Thomas Muller - 24,250 coins
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An SBC - or Squad Building Challenge - is one of the playable game modes within Ultimate Team.


You are tasked with building teams using players from your club, but with specific requirements.

SBC requirements regularly include a minimum overall squad rating amongst other things.

MASTER THE BASICS - SBCs offer a regular way you can claim rewards in FUT

So, in order to hit the minimum squad rating, you will need 'SBC fodder'.

SBC fodder refers to high-rated cards that are cheap in price due to either their on-pitch performance or their underrated value in the market but are useful in SBCs because of their high OVR rating.

In many cases, it can be more economical to include an 87 OVR or 88 OVR card in SBCs that require a lower-rated squad, such as an 84 or 85 squad rating, as it can significantly bump up the overall rating of the squad.