FIFA 23 Career Mode - Insane glitch lets you sign players for SUPER CHEAP

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FIFA 23 David Alaba

FIFA 23 Career Mode has had a rollercoaster start, with fans debating whether it's the best or worst we've ever seen.

However, one thing that hasn't changed in FIFA 23 is the delight of adding a brand-new superstar to your squad.

Whilst some cost a mega price, it looks as if an insane hack has been found to allow you to sign any player for super cheap.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Glitch

TikTok user @fernado_10 appears to have unearthed an insane glitch that allows you to sign any player for £3,000,050.

In this video, the glitch shows a negotiation for Cody Gakpo of PSV, valued at £45 Million at the start of FIFA 23.

However, as we see in the video, the negotiation does not have the result you'd expected, with PSV considering offers of £1 with a low-rated player added on.

Eventually, PSV mull the offer, coming back a couple of days later with the insane low valuation of £3,000,050.

This glitch works for any player and is an insane way for you to quickly assemble a superstar squad.


Here is a step-by-step guide as to how you can pull off this hack in FIFA 23 Career Mode:

  1. Enter into negotiations for your desired player
  2. Offer £1 with a low-rating player in part-exchange
  3. When that first offer is rejected, increase the offer to £2 and offer another low-rated player in part-exchange
  4. NOTE: Ensure that any sell-on clause is taken out of the offer
  5. Once the offer is submitted, the club will go away and consider
  6. Wait a few days for a counter-offer to come in, this should be the offer to sign the player for £3,000,050.
  7. Enter contract negotiations with the player

Whilst this hack may defeat the entire object of Career Mode, it is a fun hack that lets you sign any player you want for a super cheap price.

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