FIFA 23: Arsenal fans left SEETHING after terrible face scans revealed



FIFA 23 has finally arrived, with this year's game offering incredible gameplay upgrades.

One thing that hasn't proved to be incredible is some of the new player appearances found in this year's game, with one Premier League hit hard.

Check below for everything you need to know about Arsenal's sub-par appearance in FIFA 23.

Is that Arteta?!

We all know that when EA gets a face-scan right, the results can be truly impeccable.

You only have to admire the look of Erling Haaland in this year's game to identify what can happen when EA uses its technology to perfection.

That same perfection can't be applied when looking at the Arsenal squad and manager.

Instead of looking sharp with brand new face scans, the majority of the Gunners squad have come away looking like a University football team after a night out.

Mikel Arteta looks less like a dashing Spanish coach and more like an NPC, with the likes of Gabriel and Emile Smith-Rowe also appearing in less than impressive form.

Of course, not every player can have a full authentic appearance in FIFA 23, but Gunners fans have certainly been left fuming, as they are one of the only high-profile sides to have half of their team face scans missing.

eFootball 1-0 FIFA?

This is pure speculation on our part, but could the omission of new face scans for the Arsenal team be down to a new partnership agreed upon between the Gunners and rival developers Konami a few months back?

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NEW DEAL - Arsenal and Konami have a close partnership

Typically, EA will complete face scans in pre-season, around the same time Konami, developer of eFootball, announced that Arsenal had extended their license deal with the free-to-play game.

This deal could mean that Konami holds exclusive rights to the Arsenal face scans, or it could at least mean that EA was delayed in being able to capture the likeness of Arteta and his squad.

Future Fixes

Arsenal fans may not feel the sting of inauthentic face scans for the entire season, with the potential of a large update for FIFA 23 on the horizon.

We know that Nottingham Forest will have their stadium added to the game at some point and it's usually around that time that new face scans are also added to the game.

There's every chance that the likes of Gabriel, Smith-Rowe and even the handsome devil that is Mikel Arteta could finally receive some much-needed love for their FIFA appearance in the coming months.

If not, Gunners fans may just have to avoid looking at their players and instead focus on their on-pitch performances.

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