FIFA 23 Career Mode: First NEW features leaked ahead of new release

With FIFA 23 still some months from release, we are unlikely to see any official reveals until July at the earliest.

However, with plenty of fans excited for the new game, we have now had our first leak for new features that will be heading to Career Mode!

EA looks to be heading down the same theme as last season, offering you more control over certain aspects of the game, and this should be awesome.

FIFA 23 Career Mode

Last year we saw the introduction of Create-a-Club to Career Mode, and this went down a treat!

With custom kits that you can change each year and a whole range of settings to help you create your perfect save, this really was a great addition.

fifa 22 create a club custom kits
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KIT DESIGN - Hopefully we see the custom kit option for real clubs in FIFA 23

There were still some flaws though, and many fans still feel that the transfer market needs addressing as there are still issues in that department.

We would also love to see a complete overhaul of the interactions with the press and your players, but that may be asking for too much!

Click here for 5 things we want to see in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

New Features

We are sure to see plenty of new features in Career Mode when FIFA 23 is released, and one of them is said to be a new "Stadium Builder & Editor".

This could be insane! We have seen custom stadiums in FIFA before in various game modes, but this sounds like it could be taken to a completely new level.

The leak on Twitter suggests that the new feature will allow you to "edit billboards, stadium capacity, dynamic of the stadium, colours and more".

Could this be a throwback to some earlier editions of FIFA where you can sign sponsorship deals and bring in more money for your club?

brentford community stadium fifa 22
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BUSY BEES - The Brentford Community Stadium was new in FIFA 22

This feels like a feature that has been left well behind, but there are several forgotten features we would love to see in FIFA 23.

It looks like for now the outside of the stadium will remain generic or based on real-life arenas, but we will have to wait and see.

New Stadiums

A hot topic of conversation around any new FIFA release is the licenses, and if there will be any new teams, leagues, or stadiums.

So far we know that EA has lost the license for an entire league, and Napoli will also not feature as a fully licensed club in FIFA 23.

pes 2021 camp nou
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UNDER THE LIGHTS - The Camp Nou has been exclusive to Konami's titles

With only bad news so far on the license front, can EA hit back at Konami and bring the Camp Nou back to the game?

Barca has had a long relationship with Konami, so bringing their famous old stadium back to the FIFA franchise would be a major statement for EA.

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