FIFA 22 Year in Review: Edouard blunder rewards players with replacement pick

EA has been on fire with the content released recently in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with some awesome objectives and SBCs made available in 2022.

The latest release saw the introduction of the 'Year in Review' content, with an SBC challenge and Milestones objectives revealed in FUT 22.

The SBC in particular is brilliant, and some fans will even get a second chance at packing one of the big names after an error surfaced online.

Year in Review

It's always annoying when you miss out on completing an SBC, then regret not getting that player for the rest of the FIFA cycle.

EA has come up with a plan to help, and, with the right pack luck, you can unlock some of the top players from the past.

The SBC could offer you some insane options, and in Milestones, there are objectives to complete to grant you a pack containing a player from three massive promos.

fifa 22 year in review sbc picks
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CHOICE IS YOURS - Who will you pick in your choice of three

At certain milestones, you will receive a pack containing one player from either the Rulebreakers, Signature Signings, or Winter Wildcards promo.

This is a great opportunity to add players you missed out on to your club, so get grinding!

Take a closer look at the Year in Review SBC and Objectives requirements.


If you have completed the Year in Review SBC and Crystal Palace forward Odsonne Edouard's Record Breakers card came up as one of your player pick options, you are entitled to another free pick!

FIFA Direct Communication announced the issue on Twitter, and while the issue appears to have been resolved, some fans still aren't happy.

As pointed out by @Itshaber, all fans who have completed the challenge will have been affected by the odds if Edouard was in the player pool.

No further communication has arrived from EA, so for now it looks like just players who saw Edouard will get a second chance.

SBC Requirements

Start Date: Tuesday, 1 February

Expiry Date: Thursday, 3 February

There is one squad needed to unlock the card pack, the requirements are as follows:

Year In Review Player Pick

  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 55 Team Chemistry
  • 11 Players in the squad

1 x 1 of 3 Year In Review Players

Estimated Cost – 92.05k (PlayStation) / 91.3k (Xbox)

There is still time to complete this challenge, and in doing so you can earn an extinct SBC from one of the following promos:

Good luck!

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