FIFA 22: What is the FUT Captains promo in Ultimate Team?

The Future Stars campaign is still going strong in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, but, it looks like a brand new promo is in the works.

Leakers have ‘confirmed’ that a spin on the FUT Heroes will arrive as the next FUT promo.

So, find out exactly what the FUT Captains promo is all about here.

What is the FUT Captains promo?

The next promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been leaked, with the FUT Captains set to start next week.

Current FUT Heroes who captained their club or country will feature in the event, receiving "insane" upgrades according to TrustyFutTrader on Twitter.

The leak goes on to say that these will be new cards released into packs and not upgrades for the current cards.

The 'captain' cards will only be available during the event and will then be replaced in packs by the old version of the cards when the event is over.

Release Date

The Future Stars promo is currently ongoing in FUT 22, and it is said that ‘FUT Captains’ will be the next event coming to the game starting from Friday, 18 February.

We are expecting the new promo to run for one week, with the 'What If' event to follow on straight away, so the schedule is looking very busy in the FUT 22 calendar.

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