FIFA 22: Unlimited Division Rivals Rewards error being investigated by EA

Yes, you read that right. Certain players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team have today received 'unlimited' rewards for Division Rivals.

Rewards are made available every Thursday for players who competed in Division Rivals, so if you haven't claimed yours yet then you can do so now.

The 'unlimited' rewards error is currently being investigated by EA, but only time will tell how this issue is resolved fairly.

Under investigation

EA has temporarily disabled players from claiming their Division Rivals rewards as the issue of unlimited rewards is being investigated.

EA's FIFA Direct Communication page released a statement saying, "We're currently investigating an issue regarding Divisional Rivals rewards, and have temporarily disabled players claiming their rewards while the team investigate the issue."

It appears as though only FUT players using the Web App to claim their rewards were affected by the error.

According to DonkTrading on Twitter, "some players have had unlimited rewards today by opening them via the Web App."

"After opening them and refreshing the app they appeared again to be claimed and stacked."

If this is the case, many fans will feel aggrieved that players managed to open seemingly unlimited packs while others were left with just the regular rewards.

New Rewards System

Season 4 is now underway FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and with it has come a new rewards system for Division Rivals.

Take a look at what EA said about the new rewards system:

With the start of FUT Season 4, we’ve made some changes to Division Rivals. Players will now need a minimum of 4 or 8 wins to achieve the Weekly Reward and Reward Upgrades.
An extra Stage has been introduced to reach the next Division for Divisions 4, 3, 2 and 1. All Divisions will now have only one Rank.
Intermediary Ranks will be converted into Checkpoints, acting as safe points on the path towards the next Division, with no impact on rewards.
Select Ranks in Division Rivals will now offer different Weekly Rewards and Weekly Upgrades. Check in-game for more details!

Effectively you only need to win one extra match to get those upgraded rewards, so it's not too much of a change.

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