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FIFA 22 Season 4: NEW season underway with fresh objectives and rewards

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has waved goodbye to Season 3, which has brought us some bumper promos.

With Season 4 now underway, get ready for new objectives, rewards, and player picks, as well as more promos!

Keep up to date with all the latest news and all there is to know about Season 4 of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, right here.

Release Date

The official start date of Season 4 was Thursday, 3 February, after Season 3 gave us loads of top content.

As with previous seasons, it commenced at a new start time from last year, going live at 4am ET / 8am GMT.

Season 4 will run for exactly six weeks and finish on Thursday, 17 March.

Storyline Players

As with the previous seasons, there are six Storyline player picks available to unlock at levels 15 and 30, as you build up your XP.

Throughout the first few seasons, we have seen the player picks coming from the smaller leagues of Liga Portugal (NOS), the MLS, the Super Lig, EFL Championship and the Eredivisie.

Season 4 is no different, with options from Liga NOS, Championship, and the Eredivisie at LVL 15.

At LVL 30 you have the choice of three again, although there is no representative from the Championship, instead, you can pick a forward from the MLS.

Storyline Player Picks LVL 15 (OVR 84):

  • Rafik Guitane (Maritimo)
  • Jordi Osei-Tutu (Nottingham Forest)
  • Mohamed Daramy (Ajax)

Storyline Player Picks LVL 30 (OVR 87):

  • Reiss Nelson (Feyenoord)
  • Ruben Vinagre (Sporting CP)
  • Gyasi Zardes (Columbus Crew)

Season 4 Rewards

We now have confirmation of what the rewards will be, and they will follow the same pattern that previous seasons have.

This means that the rewards tree looks like this:

  • LVL 1 - 75+ Rated Rare Player (untradeable)
  • LVL 2 - Coin Boost: 500 coins for five matches
  • LVL 3 - Premium Gold Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 4 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 5 - 75 + Rated Rare Player (untradeable)
  • LVL 6 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 7 - Jumbo Gold 26 Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 8 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 9 - Gold Players Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 10 - Epic Ball
  • LVL 11 - Gold Rare Badge Pick
  • LVL 12 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 13 - Small Prime Gold Players Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 14 - Small Prime Gold Players Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 15 - Storyline Players Pick (OVR 84) (untradeable)
  • LVL 16 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 17 - Draft Token Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 18 - Rare Gold Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 19 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 20 - Epic Badge Pick
  • LVL 21 - Rare Electrum Players Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 22 - Stadium Theme Pick
  • LVL 23 - Mega Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 24 - Background Tifo Pick
  • LVL 25 - Epic Kit
  • LVL 26 - Tifo Pick
  • LVL 27 - League Prime Players Pack (untradeable)
  • LVL 28 - Epic Badge Pick
  • LVL 29 - UFO VIP Area
  • LVL 30 - Storyline Players Pick (OVR 87) (untradeable)

Promo events

We already know what promo will kick off Season 4, and that is Future Stars.

Celebrating the best young players around, the event looks at the top-performing under-23's in world football and reimagines them at the peak of their powers.

Another Swaps Token system is being used in the event, and we could see objectives to work your way through upgraded versions of specific players as we did in FIFA 21 with Wesley Fofana, Marc Cucurella and Reinier.

fifa 21 future stars
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TOP TALENTS - FIFA 21's Future Stars promo did not dissapoint

We also think it is likely there will be some sort of Winter Refresh event, which could combine previous promos such as Winter Transfers, Winter Ones to Watch and Ratings Refresh.

With players moving over the January transfer window and top performers around with low rated cards, a little shakeup would be great for the game.

With the Future Stars promo confirmed as a two-week event, Winter Refresh could be landing on Friday, 18 February.

The What If promo could make a welcome return, bringing more live cards into the game which get upgraded depending on team goals and clean sheets.

FUT Birthday has become a regular in the Ultimate Team calendar, and we fully expect it to come again, although it could be one for Season 5.

EA has been great this year at giving us near constant promos, so there could be a few more squeezed in this season too!

Division Rivals Milestone Rewards

New to FIFA 22 is the Season Milestones Division Rivals rewards.

Much like weekly rivals rewards, you will receive your prize once Season 3 has finished, the better your rank in rivals, the better the reward.

fifa 21 psg dance celebration
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IT'S PARTY TIME - Rewards are on the way!

Whatever results you've been getting, win, lose or draw, you will have been making progress towards your Seasonal Rewards.

Division 3 rewards will become available at the same time Season 4 kicks off, so at 4am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 3 February.

Find out loads more about Milestone rewards here.

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