FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Three NEW player packs added to the code

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is currently celebrating its anniversary, with the FUT Birthday promo running into its second week.

Team 2 brought us another set of boosted cards, with plenty you will want to bring to your club.

Luckily, EA looks to have given us the tools needed to increase our chances at packing some top cards, as well as rectifying another mistake they made.

New Packs Added

We're not going to lie, game coding isn't our strongest suit, but that's ok, as there are plenty of other people out there who can spot when additions are made.

That was exactly what happened when Fut Scoreboard highlighted the fact that three new packs have been added to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team code.

As pointed out in the Tweet, we cannot know when and how the packs will come to the game, but it is likely they will be released soon, probably today (Monday, 14 March).

When new information is added to the code it usually enters the game pretty immediately, so there shouldn't be too long to wait until we see how the packs can be acquired.

Packs Available

From the information added we can see that the packs coming to the game will be:

  • 1 x Six 83-90 Rated Players Pack
  • 1 x 83-90 Rated Player
  • 1 x 82-88 Rated Player

It is likely that the 82-88 Rated Player Pack will be the reward for an Upgrade SBC, something we see regularly throughout the FUT season.

Although not the best pack around, as they limit you from getting the very top players, cutting out the lower-rated options means you are more likely to get a decent card.

If it does come as an SBC reward, that SBC could also be repeatable, so you can get rid of a lot of fodder in your club and upgrade your cards for better-rated ones, in order to prepare for future SBCs.

Compensation Coming

After yet another issue regarding the player rewards in packs, it looks like the 1 x Six 83-90 Rated Players Pack and the 83-90 Rated Player could be coming as compensation for gamers who completed the FUT Birthday Swaps 83-90 x5 Player Pack SBC.

Initially, it was shown that you would get six players from the pack which required three tokens to complete, but upon release, that was changed to five players.

EA took that SBC down after being notified of the issue and announced that compensation would be coming.

The 1 x Six 83-90 Rated Players Pack will likely be added back to the Token Swaps section, again requiring three tokens, with the 1 x 83-90 Rated Player being given as compensation to players who completed the SBC before it was removed.

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