FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Only one base card remains over 100K as market crashes further

The Team of the Season promo is well underway in FIFA 22, with some insane squads already arriving in Ultimate Team.

Whilst the Team of the Season promo brings a swarth of top players, it also has a detrimental effect on the Ultimate Team market.

With that being said, we want to take a look at the current Ultimate Team landscape, with only one base gold player in the game now holding any apparent value.

Ultimate Team Market CRASH

The market in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been dead for some time, but Team of the Season appears to have broken the scene like never before.

With a host of incredible cards arriving in the game, we've seen the valuation of some top stars completely fall off a cliff.

With stars like Cristiano Ronaldo available for a measly 60K and Lionel Messi - the highest-rated player at the start of the game - becoming nothing more than fodder.

A further crash in the FUT marketplace shows that drastic changes are needed when FIFA 23 rolls around.

Mbappe Stands His Ground

Despite the calamity that surrounds him, Kylian Mbappe has stood firm, with the PSG striker being the only base player to remain over 100,000 coins in FIFA 22.

Whilst his overpowered nature may play its part, it's clear that the Frenchman's mix of pace and power has enabled him to remain consistent in FUT22's Meta.

It is, however, rather remarkable that only one base player remains over 100K at this point in a FIFA cycle.

It's left us all asking one question, how did we get here?

Cause and Affect

There are plenty of factors that combine to make the market crash in FIFA, but we can't help but feel that EA has made a rod for their own back with some mistakes.

Heading into FIFA 23, there are plenty of lessons to be learnt in order to keep FUT feeling fresh for more than 2 months.

Promo Saturation

Friday promos are the heart and soul of Ultimate Team, but are we getting to a point where their consistent inclusion is causing more harm than good?

With so many top rated promo cards joining Ultimate Team every week, the price of high rated gold players has plummetted.

With FIFA 23 not too far away, we feel that a better balance of promo cards could seriously help to keep the market alive.

Team of the Season Meltdown

Team of the Season is undoubtedly one of the most exciting promos in FIFA 22, but it also marks the total death of the market.

With 90+ players being released daily, previous promo offerings and base gold cards are becoming completely obsolete.

For instance, an 89 rated Joshua Kimmich is currently trading for 25k.

With all of these high rated cards arriving in a quickfire fashion, can any card actually be described as 'special' anymore?

Either way, there are vitally important lessons that EA Sports need to learn, as a repeat of this cycle in FIFA 23 could see investment and interest in Ultimate Team totally dwindle.

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