FIFA 22: DEAD Ultimate Team transfer market can be EXPLOITED for profit

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team transfer market has hit rock bottom, with very few expensive base cards left in the game.

However, we have discovered a way to exploit the inactivity of the transfer market and make a huge profit in FUT 22.

All-time low

The FU transfer market is at an all-time low for this stage in the game cycle.

There are currently just THREE Gold Rare players left who have a value of 100,000 coins or more.

In fact, you can pick up the best front three of the past decade, both in FIFA and in real life, for just 350,000 coins.

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ROCK BOTTOM - Neymar has never been this cheap

PSG winger Neymar, who is possibly the most meta base card in the entire game, is currently available for less than 100,000 coins!

Now, we understand that this is partially due to the Flashback Neymar SBC that was released at such good value, but it's not just the Brazilian's price that has dramatically dropped.

Cristiano Ronaldo is worth roughly 150,000 coins, whilst Lionel Messi is available for just over 100,00 coins.

So, you can assemble one of the best forward lines in the entire game for just 350,000 coins.

How to exploit the DEAD market

Not only are priced at an all-time low, but the transfer market is more inactive than ever before.

However, this can be used as a massive advantage to traders...

You can now pick up expensive FUT items for half or even less than half of their buy now price.

One individual managed to purchase Winter Wildcard Zlatan Ibrahimovic for just 680,00 coins when he usually sells for 2 million coins.

The method behind picking these cards up for a massively reduced price is simple, but you will need a good chunk of coins to start off with.

Simply target high-priced items, like this Ibrahimovic card, and set the maximum 'bid' price to half of their minimum buy now price.

You'll need to target the more expensive items as fewer people will be bidding on these cards due to the high price tag.

Add several of each card that you are targetting to your transfer watchlist, then wait for the time to tick down on each item.

Once the time ticks down to one or two minutes, you can place your bid on whichever items are available for a lower price than their buy now.

Once you have won the items on bid, you can 'flip' them for instant profit by listing them for the minimum buy now price.

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