FIFA 22 Managerial Masterpiece: Use this La Liga XI to complete Milla objectives

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will test your squad building abilities, often putting restrictions on what players you can use to complete objectives.

One such place you will find this is in the Managerial Masterpiece tile in friendlies, where you will have to compete to complete objectives that award you League Players.

We have assembled a La Liga team to complete the objectives for the La Liga League Player Luis Milla, which has pace on the wings and up top to really take it to the opposition.

Latest - Time is running out

The objectives for Bundesliga League Player Reece Oxford have already expired, and Luis Milla will soon follow.

You don't have much time left, with objectives expiring on Wednesday, 12 January, so make sure you get them completed ASAP.

The Managerial Masterpiece requirements have also changed slightly, as you can now include 74-rated players in the squad and on the bench, which will let us get better-rated players into the side.

Managerial Masterpiece Requirements

First, let's take a look at the requirements that you need to meet for this game mode:

  • Maximum team rating 77 OVR
  • Maximum 1 player rated 88 OVR or higher
  • Maximum 1 loan player
  • No players rated 73 OVR or lower

Matias Dituro (OVR 75)

In goal there isn't much point in having a player with a high rating, so we've gone as low as we can with Matias Dituro.


  • PlayStation – 450 coins
  • Xbox – 500 coins

Sergino Dest (OVR 76)

We've gone for pace in both of our full-backs, as the centre-backs aren't the fastest.

At right-back is Sergino Dest, not the most defensively sound, but very happy on the ball and creating, so you can give him the freedom to get forward.


  • PlayStation – 750 coins
  • Xbox – 750 coins

Ruben Vezo (OVR 76)

We've tried our best to get as much pace from our centre-backs - as you will be coming up against it constantly in this game mode - while also keeping their overall rating low.

Ruben Vezo is one of our picks, with 75 PAC, he also offers great defensive ability and physicality.


  • PlayStation – 700 coins
  • Xbox – 800 coins

Oscar Mingueza (OVR 75)

Very similar to his partner, Oscar Mingueza offers slightly more speed with 78 PAC, but also slightly less defensive skill and physicality.


  • PlayStation – 550 coins
  • Xbox – 550 coins

Adria Pedrosa (OVR 75)

Finishing off our budget defence is Adria Pedrosa.

Like Dest, he is pacey and comfortable on the ball and can put in a decent ball with 74 Crossing.


  • PlayStation – 750 coins
  • Xbox – 800 coins

Ousmane Dembele (OVR 83)

Ousmane Dembele is an incredible card, so being able to include him within restrictions is fantastic.

Pacey, skilful and top dribbling, what more do you want from a winger?


  • PlayStation – 3,100 coins
  • Xbox – 2,900 coins

Thomas Delaney (OVR 81)

With such an attacking squad, we need someone involved who can simmer things down a bit and control the centre of the park.

Thomas Delaney offers just that, giving great defensive cover but also comfortable on the ball creating for others.


  • PlayStation – 800 coins
  • Xbox – 950 coins

Randy Nteka (OVR 74)

Randy Nteka is one of the best Silver Stars players we've received in FIFA 22, so we hope you completed his objectives when you had the chance!

Although his base position is a striker, clearly he can do a great job in midfield - what sort of striker has 70 DEF stats?!


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Vinicius Jr. (OVR 80)

One of the most feared cards in the game, Vinicius Jr. has lightning pace to attack the opposition.

With him on one side and Dembele on the other, defenders will be quaking in their boots.


  • PlayStation – 4,000 coins
  • Xbox – 3,300 coins

Inaki Williams (OVR 81)

Now we're getting to the business end of the pitch, with two great striking options.

Inaki Williams offers 94 PAC, 81 PHY, and decent skill on the ball.

At 6'1", feel free to cross balls into the box, although his strike partner may have more luck heading them in...


  • PlayStation – 700 coins
  • Xbox – 700 coins

Alexander Isak (OVR 75)

6'4", 84 PAC, 82 SHO, and 79 DRI, Alexander Isak poses all sorts of threats in and around the box.

With him and Williams up top, you have plenty of options to vary your attacks depending on the opposition.


  • PlayStation – 750 coins
  • Xbox – 750 coins

Silver Subs

To bring the overall team rating down as much as possible, the bench is full of 74-rated players.

However, these aren't just any old 74-rated players, they are all Silver Stars, so they boast stats better than their ratings.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation then bringing on one of these boys could really help you out.

Full La Liga Managerial Masterpiece XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

fifa 22 la liga managerial masterpiece team
expand image
PACE ON THE WINGS - Get in behind the defence and deliver to your strikers


  • PlayStation – 12,350 coins
  • Xbox – 11,950 coins
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