FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 1: Silver Eredivisie XI to complete multiple objectives fast

One of the key skills you need to have in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is squad building, whether that is assembling your best team, completing SBCs, or making a competitive team within restrictions.

We've put together a Silver Eredivisie squad to help you complete multiple Icon Swaps objectives at once.

Using a 4-3-3 will keep us solid at the back, control the midfield, and use the pace of our attackers to punish the opposition.

Lars Unnerstall (OVR 74)

There are a couple of 74-rated keepers in the Eredivisie, we've opted for Lars Unnerstall as he is the cheaper option.

Still costing a few thousand coins, if you're confident in your defending you can go for a really cheap alternative.


  • PlayStation – 4,100 coins
  • Xbox – 2,800 coins

Giannis Masouras (OVR 69)

Giannis Masouras is the quickest option at right-back, we've gone for him knowing we won't be able to field technically brilliant players, but we can still stop the opposition with pace.


  • PlayStation – 1,900 coins
  • Xbox – 1,700 coins

Jordan Teze (OVR 74)

Definitely the best option at centre-back, Jordan Teze is as high as we can go rating-wise and is also the quickest silver CB in the league.

If you add a Shadow to him he'll have 92 PAC and the stats of an 80-rated player.


  • PlayStation – 5,700 coins
  • Xbox – 4,000 coins

Jayden Oosterwolde (OVR 66)

Partnering Teze is the pace of Jayden Oosterwolde, who usually plays at LB.

He offers a bit of a physical presence and is 6'1", so we feel confident he will fit in this new position well and can sweep up any loose balls behind the defence.


  • PlayStation – 2,800 coins
  • Xbox – 4,000 coins

Maximilian Wittek (OVR 74)

Finishing off the back-four is the star of the squad, Maximilian Wittek.

He was available as a Silver Stars objective player, so we hope you completed it at the time!


  • PlayStation – 0 coins (objectives)
  • Xbox – 0 coins (objectives)

Matus Bero (OVR 72)

Into the three-man midfield, and Matus Bero is the first of two workmen.

He isn't a slouch and should offer decent defensive cover while also being calm on the ball.


  • PlayStation – 1,600 coins
  • Xbox – 3,000 coins

Fredrik Aursnes (OVR 71)

The other workman is Fredrik Aursnes, who will give more cover to the side so you don't get outmatched in midfield.


  • PlayStation – 1,500 coins
  • Xbox – 1,600 coins

Mauro Junior (OVR 74)

Mauro Junior is the attacking threat of the three, with great dribbling and passing to create chances for the forward players.


  • PlayStation – 2,600 coins
  • Xbox – 4,900 coins

Che Nunnely (OVR 67)

On the right wing is pacey Che Nunnely.

He doesn't have the best technical stats, so make sure you use his pace wisely and offload the ball to the dangerman.


  • PlayStation – 2,200 coins
  • Xbox – 1,900 coins

Lois Openda (OVR 71)

There is only one choice up top for the team, and that is Lois Openda.

He is rapid, agile and physical, and will be a handful for any defender.


  • PlayStation – 7,500 coins
  • Xbox – 4,500 coins

Bart Ramselaar (OVR 72)

He isn't lightning quick, but Bart Ramselaar should still be able to outpace many players.

He has very good dribbling stats, so look to use fancy footwork to gain some space and attack the goal.


  • PlayStation – 4,000 coins
  • Xbox – 1,700 coins

Silver Eredivisie XI

Check out how the full squad will look below:

fifa 22 silver eredivisie squad
click to enlarge
PACEY DEFENCE - Good luck running past this back four

Total cost:

  • PlayStation - 31,700 coins
  • Xbox - 32,800 coins

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