FIFA 22 FUT Birthday: Premier League Gullit Gang member looks INSANE

FUT Birthday is the next promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, celebrating the anniversary of the game mode in the only reasonable way - by bringing in loads of massively boosted cards!

Although nothing is official as of yet, the leakers have been pretty spot on with ratings in the past, and the cards coming up in this promo are looking ridiculously good!

The best-looking leak so far is an unlikely name, with Everton's Allan set to be a top pick when released, and once you see his stats you'll understand why!

Insane Card

As with many of the leaks, this one was brought to us by FUT Sheriff, who has been a very reliable source since FIFA 22's release.

If he announces it, 99% of the time, it is correct, which is why this reveal is so exciting.

Becoming a member of the Gullit Gang isn't as much of a big deal as it once was, with quite a few players gaining cards with 80+ base stats across the board, including Wylan Cyprien in the recent Silver Stars Series promo.

However, take a look at the stats on Allan and you can see why he is a more than worthy member of the gang.

Deep Dive

Allan's card has received an enormous boost everywhere, including +13 pace from his base gold version.

Now with 85 PAC, he will be able to keep up with many of the quickest players around, especially if you add a Shadow chemistry style on him.

With 88 PAS and 91 DRI, he can control the midfield when in possession, and the predicted 88 Agility and 95 Balance will make him feel great to control, taking the ball on the half-turn and rolling past oncoming opposition.

The 90 DEF is something to behold, as is the 87 PHY, which gives him the same stat balance as N'Golo Kante's Champions League Man of the Match card, and we all know how good that card is.

In fact, when you compare Allan's stats to Kante, he outdoes him in pace, shooting, passing and dribbling, which means he could be the new go-to Premier League CDM.

Kante's French nationality is a big bonus when squad building, but there are plenty of Brazilian links you can make to Allan if you want to venture away from the Prem.

Suffice to say, the FUT Birthday promo is shaping up nicely, and Allan will be top of the list for players we hope to pack!

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