FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Gameplay has been DESTROYED with early patches

The enjoyable FIFA 22 gameplay was the main reason why everybody was LOVING Ultimate Team just after the game was released in October!

However, one month into the game cycle and that's all changed...

The transfer market is at rock bottom, and now fans are furious with the gameplay after several early patches.

FIFA 22 gameplay RUINED

Popular FIFA content creator, Nick28T has shared his frustrations via Twitter...

Nick has gone from enjoying 20-30 games of FIFA 22 per day to now only playing one or two games.

This feeling, unfortunately, has been reiterated by FIFA players across social media, who feel that they are getting less and less enjoyment out of actually playing the game with every new patch.

EA has now implemented several updates which have dramatically changed the gameplay and the 'meta' of FIFA 22.

What has changed in-game?

So, now that we know the gameplay is significantly less enjoyable, what about the game has actually changed?

The trouble is, as FIFA content creator Nepenthez states above, we don't really know what EA has changed.

EA never actually reveals the specifics of what has been updated in a particular patch, instead, a statement will be released saying a certain problem or bug has been 'fixed', but we don't get told how it has been fixed.

In general, fans have been complaining about a number of issues in Ultimate Team...

Connection to the servers seems to have gotten worse since the release of the game, with the overall gameplay feeling much clunkier.

The 'meta' has also changed significantly, with everyone using a much more defensive style in-game now and through balls seemingly back to their stupidly overpowered ability.

Ultimate Team in a state of CRISIS

The fun gameplay was somewhat covering over the cracks of the other issues in Ultimate Team during the first few weeks of the game cycle, but now they are starting to show!

There is a HUGE amount of room for improvement when it comes to SBCs, with the majority seemingly WAY overpriced.

This is because, perhaps due to the introduction of Preview Packs, the transfer market has well and truly crashed, so with pretty much any SBC that comes out, there will always be a similar tradeable alternative on the market, which can be bought for fewer coins.

Gameplay-related content is also at an all-time low right now.

There are so many cool options that EA could add to the game, in terms of in-game objectives in fun modes in FUT Friendlies (no-rules for example), and we've seen next to NOTHING so far.

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