FIFA 22 Richarlison SBC: INSANE Spurs striker available on the cheap

The FUT 23 Pre-Season will run all the way to the end of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, seeing us through to the release of FIFA 23.

Letting you prep for FUT 23 while also bringing more top-rated cards to the current game, the event will let you see out the season in style.

Richarlison is the latest summer signing to have gained a boosted Pre-Season Player Moments card via SBC, so check out his stats and how you could unlock him below.

Richarlison (OVR 97)

Start Date: Sunday, 11 September

End Date: Sunday, 18 September

SBC Requirements

Just two squads are needed in order to unlock the Brazilian's new card, which boasts 99 Pace and 5-star Weak Foot.

Premier League

  • Minimum 1 Premier League player
  • Minimum 1 player with a minimum OVR of 84
  • Minimum 1 player with a minimum OVR of 85
  • Minimum Team Rating: 83

Reward: 1 x Small Prime Electrum Players Pack

Top Form

  • Minimum 1 Team of the Week / Team of the Season player
  • Minimum 1 player1 with minimum OVR 89
  • Minimum 1 player with a minimum OVR of 90
  • Minimum Team Rating: 88

Reward: 1 x Rare Gold Pack

Estimated Cost - TBC

What is FUT 23 Pre-Season?

The FUT 23 Pre-Season promo is similar to the FUT 22 and FUT 21 Pre-Season events from FIFA 21 and FIFA 20.

It gives users the opportunity to earn rewards in the current game, as well as in the next instalment.

Many SBCs will be released during the event, and we may even see the return of the repeatable 10 x 85+ Rated Player Pack!

FIFA 21 FUT 22 Pre-Season Loading Screen
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TOP TALENTS - The Pre-Season event will give you the chance to get some of the best players from FUT 22

By completing SBCs and objectives during the event you will earn various rewards in FIFA 22, while also earning prizes for when you start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

In previous games, the rewards have included a coin boost, players pack, loan players, chemistry styles, position modifiers and other consumables, and this year we have already seen many Rare Gold Player Packs gifted.

As well as allowing you to prep for FIFA 23, the event is also a celebration of the FIFA 22 cycle and will have 'Best Of' re-releases, giving you another chance to get hold of some of the top players from previous promos in FUT 22.

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