FIFA 22 Romelu Lukaku: The Belgian's Ones to Watch card is getting a boost

After returning to Chelsea it looks like Romelu Lukaku could be key to pushing the team to another Premier League trophy.

Despite being out injured recently he has still managed to receive an upgrade in Ultimate Team, the first boost to his Ones to Watch card.

Find out all the latest about the Belgian's cards on FIFA 22, including prices and what chemistry styles to use, below.

Latest - OTW Upgrade coming

We've yet to see an in-form card this season for Lukaku, so his Ones to Watch card has been sitting gathering dust.

However, Chelsea have just claimed their fifth win to ensure a Wins to Watch upgrade for the Belgian, meaning his card will get a +1 OVR increase.

Despite being out injured, Lukaku's teammates have done enough for the new signing to see his card increase.

Romelu Lukaku's FIFA 22 Cards

It was a blistering start for life back in a Chelsea shirt for Romelu Lukaku, and that has been reflected in his FIFA 22 card.

The Belgian bagged four goals in his first four games this season, seeing his rating improve from 85 on FIFA 21 to 88 this year.

His pace improves +3 to 84, shooting +4 to 87, passing +2 to 87, dribbling +3 to 78 and defending -1 to 38.

You can pick up his base card for around 30,000 coins on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Ones to Watch

Celebrating his summer return to Chelsea, Lukaku received a Ones to Watch item.

This will increase by one overall point now the Blues have won the five league games needed, and will also improve with every in-form (TOTW or MOTM) item in FIFA 22.

Despite starting the season so brilliantly, the goals dried up for big Rom, who was then out injured.

Luckily his team did enough so he got the Wins to Watch upgrade.

His OTW item is priced at 300,000 coins on PlayStation and 315,000 on Xbox.

Chemistry Styles

There are a few different chemistry styles that can be applied effectively to Lukaku's FIFA 22 card.

Hunter - the most obvious choice is to bolster Lukaku's pace and shooting stats, which is effectively done by applying a Hunter chemistry style, providing a +10 pace boost and a +7 shooting boost.

Engine - if you're looking for a more well-rounded card, the Engine is the chemistry style for you, providing a +6 dribbling and passing boost, along with a +5 pace boost.

Hawk - the Hawk provides boosts to Pace (+5), Shooting (+10) and Physicality (+7) which essentially exaggerates Rom's qualities.

Similar Players

As far as similar players to Lukaku in FIFA 22 go a couple of names have popped up so far.

Ivan Toney (Featured TOTW 84)

If you want a like-for-like cheaper alternative, then Brentford's Ivan Toney is your man.

The striker's base card is rated at just 76 (costing around 1,000 coins), but his 84 item presents tremendous value at 17,000 coins on PlayStation and just over 20,000 on Xbox.

With 85 pace, 84 shooting, 85 physicality and 80 dribbling - you can see where the similarities lie.

Michail Antonio

For a starter option, you have to look at West Ham frontman Michail Antonio

The English-Jamaican forward cost just 1,000 coins on both platforms, and will give 83 pace, 83 physicality, 78 dribbling and 76 shooting.

His finshing may not be perfect, but a Hunter chemistry style should have you covered until you raise the funds for a replacement.

Romelu Lukaku in Career Mode

You'll have to wait a season if you want to sign Romelu Lukaku in FIFA 22 Career Mode, given that he will have recently transferred to Chelsea.

After one season Lukaku will be available to approach, however, he will come with a hefty price tag!

You can expect to pay well in excess of £100 million for the 28-year-old, with the Blues having purchased the Belgian for around that sum this summer.

The striker is at his potential, but with still three solid years before his OVR will start to drop - he could be a great signing to lead the line for your club.

Romelu Lukaku's FIFA 21 cards

Lukaku claimed seven different cards on FIFA 21, and you could expect to see some similar special items on FIFA 22.

fifa 21 lukaku 85
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THE OG - Lukaku's base card in FIFA 21 lacked pace

First up, we have Lukaku's 85-rated FIFA 21 base card.

This card was usable at the start of the game cycle but lacked the pace and dribbling stats required to be a meta card in Ultimate Team.

lukaku ultimate scream 87 fifa 21
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BELGIAN BEAST - This Lukaku card was brilliant at the time of release

Next, we're taking a look at Lukaku's Ultimate Scream card, which was released as part of the Halloween promo.

EA boosted several of the Belgian's stats significantly, with his pace increasing to 85, dribbling to 88 and shooting to 85.

lukaku fifa 21 88 ovr totw in form
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MAN ON FIRE - Lukaku can't stop scoring

This in-form is the third of Lukaku's TOTW items, having deservedly been recognised for several outstanding displays in the Serie A.

WIth 85 pace, 88 shooting, 87 physical and 82 passing, this card caused some problems in the Weekend League, to say the least!

fifa 21 lukaku tots 96
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WORLD CLASS - Lukaku was one of the stand out performers in the Serie A last season

Romelu's inclusion in the Serie A Team of the Season came as a shock to nobody, given his 24 goals and 10 assists.

His 96 OVR TOTS card boasts an insane 97 shooting, 95 pace, 95 physical and 94 dribbling!

fifa 21 lukaku fof summer stars 98
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BIG GAME PLAYER - Lukaku showed up at Euro 2020

Finally, we have Lukaku's 98 OVR Festival of FUTball Summer Stars card, in recognition of his performances at Euro 2020.

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