FIFA 22: EA reveal EXCLUSIVE license with Serie A ahead of new season

Serie A is one of the big five leagues in European football, with some of the best players in the world.

Recently we have seen the rights for top teams in the league picked up by EA rivals Konami, making the gaming experience on FIFA feel less realistic.

All that could be about to change though, with EA fighting back!

Latest News

Just announced, EA has a new exclusive deal with Italy's Serie A!

Expect exclusively licensed teams to bring the true characteristics of one of football's greatest leagues to life.

Nightmare for eFootball

It seemed like Konami were working well to get club rights for their new game, eFootball.

This will deal them a real blow.

14 exclusively licensed teams are now EA's, coming to the game in FIFA 22.

Numbers are on EA's side, but the quality is with Konami, with big hitters Juventus, Roma, Atalanta, Lazio and Napoli all on their side.

Great news for FUT players

This deal means that Serie A will be authentically included in Ultimate Team this season.

Expect to see Team of the Week and Team of the Season impacted by this change.

On top of that, we will get a new EA Sports Player of the Month award, likely to be seen in SBCs much like with the other leagues.

Just in time

This news happened just in time, as it looked like EA were starting to lose rights to some of the biggest teams around from one of the big five leagues.

Already losing Juventus Piemonte Calcio was massive, especially when Cristiano Ronaldo was still at the club, making it a must-play with team for many FIFA fans.

Roma, Atalanta, Lazio and Napoli followed suit, and it looked like we may lose the rest of the teams from the league.

This gives us hope that in the future these same teams may find their way back to EA.

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