FIFA 22 Erling Haaland: All of his FUT cards so far and how to use him

One of the most exciting players in world football, playing with Erling Haaland is an absolute joy in FIFA 22.

His base card is strong, and we can't wait to see how many items the Dortmunds striker racks up in Ultimate Team.

Erling Haaland's FIFA 22 Rating

An incredible card for the Norweigan.

People thought Erling Haaland's 84 rating at the start of FIFA 21 was high - but the forward delivered, and now has an 88 rating to his name.

His pace improves by five to 89, shooting by four to 91, dribbling by four to 80, physicality by three to 88, passing by two to 65 and defending by one to 44.

This guy will light up Ultimate Team, and imagine the heights he could get to on Career Mode.

Not only that, but he comes in with a very reasonable price of just 25,000 coins on both PlayStation and Xbox.

Chemistry Styles

There is one chemistry style that stands out far above the rest...

Engine - this is by far the top choice for most players, as it adds +10 Balance and +10 Dribbling, making Haaland more of a slippery player. Giving +5 Acceleration and +5 Sprint Speed is an added bonus.

Hunter - a very distant second, and still useful for most Haaland cards, giving +10 Acceleration and +10 Sprint Speed and helping max out finishing and shot power.

Similar Players

Given Haaland is so affordable, there aren't many cheaper options that will replicate anything close to what the Norweigan can.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

If you've got a Premier League side, Aubameyang offers dynamism and finishing prowess.

The Arsenal forward brings 89 pace and 85 shooting, as well as useful 80 dribbling.

Given the popularity of PL players, he is only a fraction cheaper than Haaland, coming in at around 19,000 coins on both consoles.

Ciro Immobile

You will have likely come across Ciro Immobile in Division Rivals, with the Italian absolutely lethal in front of goal.

The Latium forward has 86 pace and 87 shooting, and can be signed for around a fantastic price of 11,000 coins.

Erling Haaland in Career Mode

With a 93 potential, it's a real toss-up whether you move for Kylian Mbappe (POT 95) or Haaland in Career Mode.

The Dortmund striker still has three years to run on his contract, so he won't come cheap - so you will likely have to bid £150 million or move to sign him.

His wages are reasonable at £95,000 a week, with his current release clause at a whopping £210 million.

Erling Haaland's FIFA 21 Cards

FIFA 21 Erling Haaland
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+ 8
JUST FOR STARTERS - Originally an 84 OVR, but not for long...

Haaland's base card proved a handful for defenders early in FUT, with 88 Sprint Speed and 91 Strength, he could get in behind the backline just as easily as holding off top center-backs.

His 76 DRI wasn't the best, but it left plenty of room for future cards to explore.

FIFA 21 TOTW Erling Haaland
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+ 8
FINE FORM - Another TOTW card for Haaland

This is the second of two TOTW cards earned by Haaland.

It saw a +4 improvement to all his shooting and dribbling stats, making him a fierce marksman as well as giving the player well-needed improvement on the ball.

FIFA 21 TOTGS Erling Haaland
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+ 8
CHAMPION PERFORMER - Haaland continued to shine on the world stage

FIFA 21 Champions League MOTM Erling Haaland
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+ 8
MAN OF THE MOMENT - Champions League football came easy to Erling

At the end of February Haaland earned a Champions League MOTM card.

Although rated slightly worse than previous releases, it would still cost around 400,000 coins after release.

A TOTGS card followed, now giving him 95 Strength.

Already a beast, his 92 Sprint Speed made sure he could still compete against the best defences.

FIFA 21 POTM Erling Haaland
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+ 8
LEWANDOS-WHO? - Haaland tore up the Bundesliga

His first card to hit the 90 OVR mark was a Bundesliga POTM SBC.

This saw him reach 99 Shot Power, 97 Strength, and the very underrated attribute of 93 Reactions.

FIFA 21 Headliners Erling Haaland
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READ ALL ABOUT IT - Haaland in the headlines

A Headliners card saw another 90 OVR rating.

Very similar to the SBC, they gave him 86 DRI (up from 85).

FIFA 21 POTM Erling Haaland
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+ 8
AGAIN?! - A second POTM showed off what a fine season he had

Real-life form paid off, as Haaland got another Bundesliga POTM SBC card, this time at 91 OVR.

Added PAC and PHY stats gave this one a slight edge over all other releases.

FIFA 21 TOTS Erling Haaland
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POTENTIAL GOAT? - If he keeps this scoring up he'll make the conversation

The inevitable happened when we were graced with a TOTS card, a whopping 95 OVR.

99 Sprint Speed, 99 Finishing, 99 Shot Power, 99 Reactions, 99 Composure and 99 Strength made him phenomenal.

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