FIFA 22: Future Stars Reunion SBC shoots wide of the mark

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been bringing us an onslaught of promos this season, with boosted players, objectives, and SBCs all involved in the various events.

Currently, we are in the middle of one of the top promotions of the year, with Future Stars dominating the game.

We've seen many SBCs added during the event, but that doesn't mean you should always complete them.

Nice Idea

One of the recent SBCs to join the game is the Future Stars Reunion Player Pick, which we really like as a concept.

The players included for the pick are all former Future Stars from FUT 19, FUT 20, or FUT 21, that have also gained a special card in the game this year.

Not only does this work as a progression tracker for previous youngsters who were set to make it big, but it also means we get another chance to get our hands on a player from a now expired promo from FUT22.

We got pretty excited at the prospect of another player coming to our club from the Ones to Watch, Team of the Week, Road to the Knockouts, Rulebreakers, Adidas Numbers Up, Signature Signings, Team of the Group Stage, FUT Versus, Winter Wildcard, Headliners, or Team of the Year Honourable Mentions promos!

Assessing Your Choices

We needed to put that excitement to one side and look at things a bit more clinically, assessing the players that we could be picking from.

When the options are laid out for you like they are in the above Tweet, you're thinking that this is a great selection and you must do the SBC.

However, if the ratings are included and players positioned from best overall to worst, you may quickly change your mind.

Suddenly, the selection doesn't seem as brilliant.

Nearly three-quarters of the players wouldn't be getting into our starting XI at this point in the season and with the exception of TOTY HM Erling Haaland and Headliners Vinicius Jr, we probably won't be adjusting our side to force them in.

TOTY Absent

Something that may have struck you is that there are no TOTY Ultimate XI players in the pick, despite the fact that Ruben Dias and Achraf Hakimi both made the final team, and both have special cards included in the selection already.

This seems like a deliberate exclusion from EA, and we can't say we're too happy about it.

Although it wouldn't save the overall selection, the possibility of another chance at a TOTY card would have been a very big draw, so much so that we would be more inclined to complete the SBC.

The Cost

The biggest turn off for us is the cost of the SBC.

Despite only needing one squad to unlock, the inclusion of two TOTW players and an 85 team rating seems pretty steep.

The full requirements are:

Future Stars Reunion Player Pick

  • Minimum two TOTW players
  • Minimum 85 Team Rating
  • Minimum 55 Team Chemistry
  • 11 players in the squad

Futbin is giving the SBC an estimated cost of 126.75k (PlayStation) / 125.8k (Xbox), although when we've looked for a solution it's coming out at 135k.

FIFA 22 Future Stars Reunion SBC Solution
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ONE SOLUTION - There are many ways to complete the SBC, this costs around 135k

When we look at the price of the SBC, only 16 of the 51 players return you a good deal - and remember that the player gained won't be tradable either!

If there are any players included in the pick that take your fancy definitely check out their card price as opposed to rolling the dice for them, as you could be seriously overpaying for a promo player, or end up with an average TOTW one.

Should You Complete It?

Obviously, it all depends on how much fodder you have in your club to complete it.

If you've got plenty you're probably not even reading this article and have already made your pick.

For those on a tighter budget, we would stay away from it.

There are so many other SBCs out and set to come out that will require a similarly rated squad and also give you a guaranteed player at the end of it that will be much better options.

If you're feeling lucky you may want to take a gamble on it, but for a more cautious person, don't feel down about not fulfilling this one.

For every person you see on socials that packs Haaland or Vinicius, there are plenty more that will get a pick like this:

FIFA 22 Future Stars Reunion Player Pick
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HOW'S YOUR LUCK - What a terrible outcome this user had

You have been warned!

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