FIFA 22: EA simply MUST improve FUT Draft rewards in order to revive game mode

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team community has taken to Reddit to unload their frustrations about the current state of the once-popular game mode, FUT Draft.

FUT Draft is one of the most enjoyable game modes in FUT 22, but it is becoming near impossible to justify spending hard-earned coins on a token with little return.

FUT Draft is DEAD

FUT Draft is special because it allows the 'casual' player to use the very best cards in Ultimate Team and try out new promo players and Icons that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to afford.

However, the overriding issue with FUT Draft at the moment is that the rewards simply aren't good enough to warrant you spending 15,000 coins on a token.

At the moment, even if you win the Draft, it is VERY difficult to break even after player and consumable sales.

This particular individual won all four matches and still made a 5,000 coin loss on his original 15,000 coin investment - this simply isn't right.

The trouble is that, with the transfer market being at an all-time low for this stage in the game cycle, pretty much everything is worth nothing.

The pack rewards that we receive from competing in FUT Draft have to improve in order to make the 15,000 investment worth it.

Rewards to revive FUT Draft

Improving FUT Draft rewards can be done in several different ways.

One FUT fan on Reddit suggested that winning the Draft should guarantee you unlocking a free Draft Token in rewards.

This effectively means that winning the FUT Draft guarantees you free entry into another one at the very minimum, with the possibility to earn some great rewards beyond that.

Another method of improving Draft rewards is simply to add bigger and better packs into the rewards system.

For example, EA could introduce the Ultimate Packs (125k Packs) if you win all four matches, or even an 85+ Rated Rare Players x5 pack as the rarest reward.

EA could also up the rate of the Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k Packs) if you go all the way, or allow players to unlock 100k packs after winning just three matches in FUT Draft.

We would absolutely LOVE to see EA introduce Player Picks as rewards for FUT Draft.

These Player Picks would improve in quality with the more wins you get meaning you could end up with 1 of 3 84+ Player Picks if you go all the way.

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