FIFA 22 Ultimate Pack: Cost and Probabilities

As you will be well aware, rewards for both Division Rivals and Squad Battles are released weekly in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Making sure you know what is in each pack is important, especially for the Division Rivals rewards as you will need to select which set of rewards you want to receive.

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Take a look below at what you will likely find in an Ultimate Pack below and how much one will cost you from the store.


Ultimate Packs are rarely available in the promo packs section of the store as they are the most high-end packs you can get.

Instead, they are usually the rewards for completing long-tail objectives or milestones, or finishing with an excellent rank in Rivals or Squad Battles!

The value equates to roughly £17 per pack in real money, so they are on the expensive side of things!

  • 125,000 coins
  • 2,500 FIFA Points


There are 30 items in the Ultimate Pack with just players inside.

The Ultimate Pack is the same size as a Mega Pack or Rare Mega Pack, but is filled exclusively with players as opposed to a mix of consumables too.

Take a look at the exact contents below.

  • 30 Items
  • 30 Players
  • 30 Rares
  • 30 Gold


We are yet to see an Ultimate Pack in the store, so we don't have any official pack probabilities just yet from EA.

One thing we can tell you though is that you are guaranteed at least 30, 75+ rated Gold players, and chances are you will get some much better players than that!

This pack is the best chance you will get of unveiling a special card, so check back in to see the probabilities when they are released.

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