FIFA 22: EA REMOVE Russian clubs and players from the game

EA has been no stranger to dropping controversial figures from FIFA games in the past, and they have now confirmed they will be removing Russia from FIFA 22.

Several players have been removed already this season for various reasons, but this could be the first national team removed mid-season.

Latest - Russian clubs and items removed

EA has now confirmed that items related to Russia or any of its clubs have now been removed from Ultimate Team.

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REMOVED - All Russia-related items have been axed from the game

The statement reads:

“EA Sports stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and like so many voices across the world of football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine.
“In line with real-world actions taken by our partners at FIFA and UEFA, the following FUT items will no longer be available in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs and Ultimate Draft.”

Remove the Russian national team

Last week, EA released an official statement regarding the Russian national team and its place in FIFA 22.

For now, Russia and all Russian clubs will be removed from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile, and FIFA Online, while other areas of the game are actively being reviewed.

"Show of solidarity"

Announced by Tom Henderson, who is said to have seen the company email, the act comes in a show of solidarity to Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

After FIFA and UEFA banned Russia and Russian clubs from taking part in various competitions, EA - who have a strong link to FIFA, despite a faltering relationship - are set to follow suit.

It is not known how EA would go about with the removal, but we expect the Russian national team will be taken off of offline mode, with Russian clubs possibly given the same treatment.

As for Ultimate Team, where Russian players, the national team kit, and consumables are all live, there would likely be a restriction on sale prices on the market and removal from appearing in packs.

Many Russian players also populate the game, and it is unclear how EA would act on an individual basis.

Ultimate Team

Just how the removal of Russia will affect Ultimate Team was initially confusing, although things look to have been cleared up.

Removing items often leads to spikes in prices, but EA will surely have wised up to this by now and have a plan in place.

As far as individual players go, Lev Yashin and Aleksandr Mostovoi seem the most likely to be removed as neither are currently assigned to a club.

Players at clubs across Europe will not be removed, although UEFA's expulsion of Russian clubs from its competitions has seen CSKA and Spartak Moscow players removed.


FIFA is not the only EA title that is set to remove Russia from the game either, with NHL set to follow suit.

While details are scarce, EA moving to remove Russian teams from the NHL 22 roster could be done in several ways.

For starters, if this move does happen, we expect the Russian national team will be removed from NHL 22. Beyond this, however, the water gets a bit muddy.

EA could extend this philosophy to other game modes including Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT 22), Franchise Mode, and Be A Pro where there are plenty of international players from Russia as well as Russian-born superstars like Alex Ovechkin who is the current captain of the Washington Capitals and the NHL 21 cover star.

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