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These game modes should make NHL 22 a blast

NHL 22 is still months away from release, but fans are already getting excited for how the upcoming title might switch up some game modes.

Here's everything we could see from NHL 22's new and improved game modes, whether you're on a current or next gen platform.

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HUT, or Hockey Ultimate Team, has been a staple of the NHL game series for years following along the structure of other sports franchises like FIFA and Madden.

Last year, NHL introduced HUT Synergy which allowed users to build team chemistry and try to get players to complement one another. Other mechanics like HUT champions and weekly events certainly kept the game mode interesting in NHL 21, but there's more to be had in NHL 22.

Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin takes a shot in NHL 22.
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MORE LEGENDS: Who wouldn't want to see Ovechkin play along side an old Russian legend like Sergei Federov?

It would be fun to see NHL incorporate an online season for HUT again because they skipped that for NHL 21. In addition, NHL should really try to fill out the alumni rosters they introduced in this year's game. After all, how did NHL not include all time greats like Bobby Orr, Mike Bossy, Bobby Hull, or even a recent retro star like Pavel Datsyuk? EA needs to improve the alumni rosters in NHL 22 as people are dying to play with their favorite players from the past.

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Franchise Mode

Franchise Mode has been a long standing option in the EA NHL series. The game makes notable updates to this nearly every year, and last year was no different.

NHL fleshed out the trade deadline aspect on Franchise Mode in NHL 21, which allowed players to really reevaluate their team midseason and eye other teams who could be buyers and sellers on the trade market. Record books with stat leaders were also introduced in NHL 21 and showed players what they had to do surpass all time greats in NHL history.

For NHL 22, it would be cool to see the game honor your achievements as the years go by. What if they showed championship celebrations, banners, jersey retirements and even Hall of Fame ceremonies? Fans should be rewarded for their success in the game mode by showing it in franchise mode.

The St Louis Blues celebrate a Stanley Cup victory in NHL 22.
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GET RECOGNIZED: If you win the Stanley Cup in Franchise Mode, you should be recognized by a new banner hanging from the rafters.

Another small suggestion would be adding specialty games to NHL 22 Franchise Mode. The game should incorporate outdoor games at baseball and football stadiums, winter classics, and other special events. This would be really cool to see, but also the NHL has multiple events like this each season so it would make sense.

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Be A Pro

Be A Pro is a game mode that was introduced in NHL 21 and it lets fans live the life of an NHL player. It's not just about what you do on the ice, but also off of it.

NHL 21 locker room Be a Pro game mode
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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Be a Pro has evolved massively in NHL 21, but NHL 22 could hold even better upgrades

In NHL 21, Be A Pro made players have to impress front offices, fight for their draft position, compete to make a team, climb the depth chart, and eventually become a star.

In the upcoming game, there could be a lot more to the Be A Pro mode. NHL 22 should make users play out their junior seasons in the OHL, USHL and other leagues. If they're really trying to recreate the experience of a hockey player, you can't ignore what happens before they get drafted.

Also, it would be nice if the off the ice mechanics like the likeability meter had an effect on player progression or ice time. It would make sense that if a fan base loves a player, the coach is more inclined to play them. It would be nice to have what you do off the ice effect the gameplay on the ice. Otherwise, the off the ice activities seem kind of pointless.

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World of Chel

World of Chel is a game mode in NHL that lets fans customize their own player and play pick up games. Users could band with friends or hop in games by themselves.

Golden Knights goalie Marc Andre Fleury makes an incredible save in NHL 22.
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KEEP YOUR PLAYER GOING: Fans could see their NHL 21 World of Chel player transfered to NHL 22.

In NHL 21 and previous games, World of Chel let players chose different customizable classes for their pro. These are different builds that affect the player's style of hockey. When users form teams with their friends, they compete against others in tournaments and online seasons. By winning, pick up teams and players can earn rewards to improve and upgrade themselves.

NHL 22 should allow fans to transfer their pro from NHL 21 into the new game. The game should make the player start from beginning levels, but still maintain the class and look of the pro.

Another suggestion would to bring back club practice mode. People get serious about their World of Chel squads and want to practice so they can get the best results on the Ice.

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