FIFA 22 David Ginola: Check out the brand-new FUT Hero in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 has seen the introduction of FUT Heroes into Ultimate Team for the first time, and French legend David Ginola is one of the standout players.

There is the potential for more versions of the FUT Heroes to arrive, but for now there is just one Ginola card available in the game.

Take a look below at the epic card and how to make the most of it.

David Ginola FUT Heroes

David Ginola is one of four FUT Heroes to be rated 89 OVR, the highest rating we have seen so far among the new card types.

Ginola is by far and away the most expensive though, with his value just under 2 million coins on PlayStation and PC, while around 1.6 million on Xbox consoles.

The fact that Ginola boasts five-star ratings for both weak foot and skill moves plays a big role in his price as he is highly sought after among the FUT community.

There really is no weakness in Ginola’s card, with 91 Dribbling, 90 Pace, 88 Shooting, and 87 Passing making him an all-round attacking threat.

Ginola even possesses 85 Strength, 90 Jumping, and 86 Heading Accuracy!

All this standing at 6’1” makes him brilliant in the air as well as on the ground. Good luck facing him!

Chemistry Styles

We would recommend the ‘Engine’ chemistry style to bring the best out of David Ginola as it will boost his Pace, Dribbling, and Passing attributes.

Both Pace attributes will be boosted +5, while his Agility, Balance, and Dribbling attributes will also be upgraded.

Vision, Short Passing, and Long Passing will receive a +5 boost too, with +10 for Crossing and Curve.

Your other option is the ‘Hunter’ style which will take Ginola to 99 Pace and 97 Finishing.

Similar Players

Ginola may well be out of your price range, but these three players can do a similar job from the left-wing.

Neymar (OVR 91)

We all know about Neymar, and he is the only man who can match Ginola’s five-star weak foot and skill moves.

With pace, trickery, and an eye for goal, Neymar is one of the best left-wingers available in FUT 22.

Heung-Min Son (OVR 89)

Spurs forward Heung-Min Son is a much cheaper alternative to Ginola and will still be deadly off either foot.

Son also features in the Road to the Knockouts event, but that card is a lot more expensive.

Arnaut Danjuma (OVR 84)

Another of the new Road to the Knockout cards, Villareal’s Arnaut Danjuma boasts plenty of pace and trickery.

His new 84 OVR comes with four-star weak foot and skill moves, so he will be a threat from the left.

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