FIFA 22: Community calls for THIS feature to stop rage quitters

Rage quitting is as old as time itself, well, as old as online gaming anyway!

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is no stranger to quitting too, and often it is encouraged to help players get through long objectives like Icon Swaps.

However, one feature of the game is infuriating fans and EA needs to change things as it is penalising players unfairly.

"Punish the quitters"

One Reddit user has pleaded with EA to punish the haters with the following post:

"I just play icon swaps, and literally 6 out of 10 people just quitting before the match start, before taking a penalty, when having a red card.... These are all 3-5 minutes of loss for NOTHING... I am ok with 4-6 strikers, constant pressure and anythin really.
But quitting before playing, or when the opponent has a clear goal chance is just another level of rattiness."

We agree with the principle, although it is not the quitters that should be punished.

Instead, the players who get quit on should not be penalised as they currently are.

As it currently stands, players do not receive a win if the game ends 0-0, no matter what the situation of the game!

Frustrating FIFA

There are plenty of fans out there frustrated with what is going on, with one fan highlighting their recent experience in FUT Champs.

"This should apply to all game modes tbh. I was 3-0 down in a champs qualifier, pulled it back to 3-3 and the guy quit. So annoying."

A quit at 3-3 in Ultimate Team does not result in a win, but in Pro Clubs it does? Work that one out.

Another fan hits the nail on the head, stating:

"You should always get the victory if the opponent quits in my opinion."

Will EA change this? Unlikely for this season, but hopefully in FIFA 23!

Quit with responsibility

There is a certain etiquette to quitting that if all players stick to, then the world of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will be a better, less toxic place.

Don't quit at 0-0. At the very least, pop an own goal in and let everyone get on with their day.

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DON'T BE THAT GUY - Celebrating your tap in is not big or clever

If you receive a red card or concede a penalty, get on with the game! It's part and parcel of the beautiful game and you may still claim the win!

This can all be avoided if EA changes the current rules on quitting, but we can't rely on that happening anytime soon.

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