FIFA 22: Ramsdale on course to reach RIDICULOUS rating in Career Mode

EA has released another rating update to the FIFA 22 database and once again Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has featured.

His enormous growth since the release of FIFA 22 means that with a few more updates he could be one of the best Career Mode signings in the game, and also one of the best keepers in the upcoming FIFA 23.

Humble Beginnings

When Arsenal signed Aaron Ramsey from freshly relegated Sheffield United no one thought it would be a transformative acquisition for the team.

In fact, the £25 million paid for him looked far too much, given that he hadn't been that brilliant for United and his market value was around £10 million.

A tax has to be paid given he is young and English, which explains a rather large fee, but Mikel Arteta had obviously seen something he liked.

With a 74 OVR rating and 80 OVR potential rating, it didn't look like a great signing for the club, and he would be a player you would offload early if you chose Arsenal in Career Mode.

Rating Fiend

After being on the bench for the first two games of the season, both losses, Ramsdale was given his chance against Norwich and hasn't looked back since.

He has appeared in every league game since, usurping Bernd Leno, who has consequently seen his rating slip from 83 OVR to 81 OVR.

In that time, Ramsdale has seen his overall increase twice in October, during December, January and March, going from 74 OVR to 81 OVR.

His potential is up too, now at a possible 86 OVR.

If he carries on at this trajectory, he could be rated around 87 OVR going into FIFA 23!

New Career Mode Go-to?

For ages, Gianluigi Donnarumma has been the go-to signing when looking for a top keeper with high potential.

This rise of Aaron Ramsdale could bring in another option, for a cheaper price.

As Donnarumma is already rated 89 OVR and has a potential of 93 OVR, his value is over £100 million.

Ramsdale is worth £26 million at his current rating, and if his rating increases as expected he would be worth around £60 million.

Yes, that's still a hefty fee, but he could become just as good as Donnarumma in Career Mode.

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