Moneybags Manchester clubs two of the richest in FIFA 22 Career Mode

As we head towards the end of August, FIFA 22 really is just around the corner!

More news continues to surface as we edge towards the release date, and now we have the alleged initial transfer budgets for FIFA 22 Career Mode according to FIFA Game News.

There are few surprises, although the financial disarray in Barcelona does not seem to have affected their budget in the game...

FIFA 22 Career Mode

The wait is over, and we've finally got tons of new information about features in Career Mode thanks to a Deep Dive for FIFA 22 via Pitch Notes.

Create a Club (or Create Your Club) feature prominently, with new details about Club Identity, Kit & Crest, Stadium Customization, Squad Builder, and Board Priorities.

Player Career also gets plenty of attention, with focus on Coming On As A Sub, Manager Rating, Match Objectives, Player Growth, and Perks.

Finally, we've also got new details about Dressing Room Atmosphere, Transfer Updates, Expanded Stories, Dynamic Tifos, and Authenticity.

Moneybags Manchester

The money really is in Manchester with City and United the two wealthiest clubs in the Premier League at the start of FIFA 22 Career Mode.

With budgets in excess of £150 million, plus a wealth of players to offload, you should be able to sign anyone you want to. Yes, that includes Harry Kane!

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WELL SPENT - City splashed £100m on Jack Grealish this summer

At the other end of the scale unsurprisingly are the newcomers to the league. With a budget of £16 million, you will need to spend wisely to keep Brentford afloat.

FIFA 22 Career Mode Premier League budgets:

  • Arsenal - £78m
  • Aston Villa - £35m
  • Brentford - £16m
  • Brighton - £33m
  • Burnley - £22m
  • Chelsea - £100m
  • Crystal Palace - £26m
  • Everton - £47m
  • Leeds United - £39m
  • Leicester City - £41m
  • Liverpool - £115m
  • Manchester City - £184m
  • Manchester United - £163m
  • Newcastle - £28m
  • Norwich City - £17m
  • Southampton - £28m
  • Tottenham - £65m
  • Watford - £28m
  • West Ham - £33m
  • Wolverhampton - £39m

Show me the money

It is not just the Premier League that has bags of cash though, with money to be spent across Europe's major leagues.

The financial turmoil at Barcelona does not have to have translated into the football sim world, so there is still plenty left in the coffers if you take over at the Camp Nou.

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CASH COW - Will you pin down Mbappe to a long term contract

PSG and Real Madrid are also two clubs we expect to see up among the richest in the game, with two Italian clubs just making it onto the list too!

FIFA 22 Top 10 Rich List

  1. Manchester City - £184m
  2. Manchester United - £163m
  3. Real Madrid - £162m
  4. Barcelona - £155m
  5. PSG - £128m
  6. Liverpool - £115m
  7. Chelsea - £100m
  8. Bayern Munich - £99m
  9. Piemonte Calcio - £89m
  10. Inter Milan - £86m
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