FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Best 50K Starter Squad Ideas

With the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Web App arriving later today at 6pm UK, it’s certainly time to start thinking about your starting team early on!

With Division Rivals Placement rewards being confirmed to be very generous indeed, with up to 124,000 coins in rewards for winning all 5 matches, it’s more important than ever to make a team that’s up to scratch for that initial grind.

Here’s our pick for one of the best teams you should be able to make for around 50,000 coins heading into FUT 21!

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Best Starting Formations

While we’re still waiting to see exactly the best formations to get started with FUT 21, given that the meta may be slightly different to its predecessors, we can still make some assumptions as to the go to tactics this year.

The following formations should still prove to be very strong early on:

  • 4231 Narrow
  • 41212 Narrow
  • 442
  • 4222
  • 433
  • Potentially 352

Best 50k Starter Team

When it comes to making an early squad, you want to have as many qualities in your lineup as possible. You want:

  • A well rounded defence with pace in all the right areas
  • Well rounded, quick defensive midfielders that can help create from the midfielders
  • Pace in attacking areas, especially out wide, mixed in with good skillers
  • Deadly finishers and playmakers

This team that we’ve put together here, doesn’t look like it’ll be costing a lot more than the 25,000 coin price tag early on, so is something we’d definitely recommend putting together!

It’s worth noting, that for this team, we’ll be looking to switch in-game to a 4231.

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This is our FUT 21 Starter Team, what are you going for early on this year?

Goalkeeper & Defence - 20,000 Coins

In the defence, we’ve gone for a very pacey hybrid of the Bundesliga, La Liga and Liga NOS, with perfect options in all positions 

GK - 82 Pavlenka - 2,000 Coins

Pavlenka looks to be a beast early on, with 84 Diving and 87 Reflexes being the keys to his stats, as well as being 6’5”!

CBs - 78 Akanji & 80 Klostermann - 10,000 Coins Combined

The 2 Bundesliga men at the back look to be perfectly suited together early on. Both with very good pace, 80+ defending, and good physical stats suggest they be a beast pairing!

RB - 81 Capa - 3,000 Coins

While Capa may be one of the more expensive RB options in La Liga, don’t expect him to be too early on, and with 83 Pace and 88 Physical, he’ll be the perfect option for early on.

LB - 84 Grimaldo - 5,000 Coins

Grimaldo is a personal favourite for a starter squad this year. Being in Liga NOS, he’ll be cheaper than other popular league LBs, meaning you should be able to get him for a bargain!

Midfielders - 12,000 Coins

Here, we’re going to be referring to the 2 CDMs you’ll switch to in-game in your 4231 setup.

CDM - 82 Emre Can - 6,000 Coins

Emre Can has an unbelievable early card this year in FUT, getting a major shooting boost from FUT 20. With 83 defending and 87 physical, there’s no doubt he’s going to be a tank in the middle of midfield this year.

CDM - 83 Paulinho - 6,000 Coins

Paulinho again looks to be a perfectly well rounded CM for those early starter teams, especially as an attacking threat from deep, with 82 shooting on his card as well.

Attackers - 18,000 Coins

The attack refers to your 4 attacking players that you’ll roll into games with in your 4231 setup

RAM - 83 Portu - 8,000 Coins

In the attack, Portu will be the most expensive option in the side, being from La Liga, but his presence on the right hand side with 90 pace and 4* skills cannot be underestimated. Expect him to create a lot from wide areas.

LAM - 83 Rafa - 4,000 Coins

Despite being an 83 rated card with very well rounded stats for an early winger, being in Liga NOS will keep Rafa relatively cheap for an early starter team.

CAM - 82 Talisca - 4,000 Coins

Anderson Talisca looks to be a real hidden gem this year thanks to some considerable boosts to his agility and balance. 4* Skills as well for the Brazilian, coupled with very good shooting statistics make him the perfect call for a starter team of this value.

ST - 79 Alex Teixeira - 2,000 Coins

Rounding off the team, up top we have Alex Teixeira, who’s blistering 93 pace with 4* skills and weak foot will be a threat to any early defence. Being in the CSL too, expect him to be relatively cheap!

Total Team Cost: 50,000 Coins

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