FIFA 21: Iconic commentators removed from game

When you think FIFA commentators you likely think Martin Tyler and Alan Smith.

Why wouldn't you? The legendary duo has been commentating on EA's game since way back in 2005 - until FIFA 21 that is...

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith do not feature in FIFA 21

That's right, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are not commentators in the newly released FIFA 21.

Alan Smith confirmed the news on his Twitter that neither himself nor Martin Tyler will feature on EA's new title.

fifa 21 alan smith tweet
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END OF AN ERA: Alan Smith confirms neither him nor Martin Tyler will feature on FIFA 21

Instead, Derek Rae and Lee Dixon will become the game's default commentators after two years of Champions League and Europa League commentary for EA.

FIFA fans aren't happy with the change

The Sky Sports commentary pair have become an iconic part of the FIFA brand over the last 15 years and it's fair to say that fans aren't responding well to the news.

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Twitter user @whyBlaineme seems to be echoing the sentiments of many, as they can't understand why EA would remove Tyler and Smith.

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Meanwhile, @OCCFC7 has already called for a petition to get the duo back on the game!

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@elliotmoos3 is left dumbfounded that EA haven't even managed to find a proper replacement, instead opting for the not so popular pairing of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

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Nevertheless, this news is a hiccup in a relatively smooth launch for FIFA 21, as the game is being well received.

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