FIFA 20 Winter Refresh LIVE: ALL Player Additions – Camavinga, Williams, Cabaye & more

The latest FUT promo will see all these players join the game, so expect a load of new cards.

Phil Pangalos by Phil Pangalos

FIFA 20 Winter Refresh is finally here!

Last night (Friday 14 February) EA confirmed that the 50 top-performing players this season have been rewarded with an increase to their base card rating in-game. You can read all about them right here.

An all-new Winter Refresh team was also unveiled.

So, what happened in the run up to the Winter Refresh announcement?

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Player Additions

EA Community Manager, EA_GZaro, posted on EA forums with a full list of new players coming to FUT as part of Winter Refresh.

You can see the full list below.

winter refresh fifa 20 player additions

When will these new additions arrive?

Winter Refresh kicked off on 14 February and will run until Friday 21st February.

Therefore, we expect these new FUT additions to all be on Ultimate Team by this time next week.

Still in the dark about Winter Refresh? We’ve got all the key details below. And for those after even more detail, you can read absolutely everything about Winter Refresh right here.

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