FIFA 20 VOLTA Controls Guide: Everything you need to know before you take to the streets

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Street football has made a return to FIFA games, with EA's launch of new VOLTA mode on FIFA 20. Any FIFA street gamers who assume they can hop straight in to the new street football mode need to think again, as VOLTA is a completely different beast.

Keep reading to learn ALL VOLTA controls, ensuring you become a master in the cage.


Same Controls as the full game

EA have aimed to bring a level of realism to street football in VOLTA mode. Therefore, almost all of the VOLTA controls are the exact same as the full FIFA 20 game. You can head to our Full Controls Guide for a breakdown of all the FIFA 20 controls.

In addition, FIFA 20 skills transfer over to VOLTA, so if you want to bring some flair to the streets, check out our Full Skills Guide here.

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VOLTA Specific Controls

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Simple Skill MovesL2 + R2 + L directionLT + RT + L direction
Simple FlicksClick R3 + L DirectionClick right stick + L Direction
TauntsStand by ball + L1 or R2Stand by ball + LB or RT
Hard Tackle 

These additional controls are exclusive to VOLTA mode.

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Simplified skill moves (L2+R2 + L direction/ LT+RT + L direction) allows you to beat a defender with a random skill without having to learn a specific move. This adds to the arcade-style feel of VOLTA and is handy when you have to act fast.

Simple flicks (Click R3 + L Direction/ Click right stick + L Direction) are helpful in getting past a defender in a confined space, whilst hard tackles (▢/X) allow you to lunge towards an opponent and dispossess them.

VOLTA mode also has taunts (Stand by ball + L1/B or R2/RT). These don’t offer any tactical advantage, but who doesn’t love a bit of showboating?


Youtube Tutorials, such as the one below, are a great way to learn VOLTA's new controls and skills.

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