FIFA 20 Reddit: Pablo Escobar has been found on Career Mode and fans are loving it

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FIFA 20 has only been out a few days but already a few funny discoveries are finding their way on to the FIFA sub-reddit.

The latest of these is a Spanish scout called 'Pablo Escobar' - who shares a name with Colombia's infamous Medellin druglord.

The image, which appeared on the sub-reddit briefly before being deleted, was captured by our eagle-eyed team - and can be seen in its full glory below. Obviously, it was heavily upvoted by the FIFA community.

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Pablo isn't the only funny name to make it's way on to this year's game.

Gamers were quick to spot a player called 'Saturday Friday' - who we assume plays in a weekend league...

Gets coat.

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Bar these funny names, FIFA 20 is actually a very good game. Sure, it's been hit with a few issues with Career Mode, but EA has actively said they're looking into it, with a patch due imminently.


EA Global Community Engagement Team Manager Corey Andress confirmed on Twitter last week that the team are working on it, as tensions within the FIFA community continue to rise.

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The patch is worth waiting for - EA is clearly taking time to ensure it fixes as many issues as possible. You can read more about the FIFA 20 Career Mode patch here.

Elsewhere, FIFA 20 topped the UK physical sales charts this week.

Physical sales for EA's football were down 7 per cent on last year's game, but this is likely due to more digital copies sold. Xbox One and Switch versions, although lower than PS4, enjoyed a slight increase.