FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: FUTmas Youcef Atal Full Review

Another day, another FUTmas player SBC. The promo that keeps on giving. This time we’ll be looking at 84-rated Ligue 1 RB, Youcef Atal. Before we break down his stats, we’re going to go ahead and say it: this might be the best FUTmas card we’ve had yet.

For a RB, at this stage in the Ultimate Team life cycle, this card pretty much has it all. Pace, power, dribbling, passing, defending… we give him pass marks in every area.

We reckon this SBC will cost you anywhere between 80,000 - 90,000 coins to complete. In exchange for 84-rated Atal you will be required to submit:

  • 1 x 83-rated team
  • including 1 x IF or FUT CHAMPS RED card
  • 1 x player from Ligue 1 Conforama
  • with a minimum chemistry of 75
  • 1 x 84-rated team
  • with a minimum chemistry of 70

Very decent indeed...

Youcef Atal (OVR 80)

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Age: 23

Position: RB

Club: OGC Nice

Country: Algeria

Best stats: 95 acceleration, 89 dribbling, 87 stamina

Cost: Estimated SBC price - 80,000 - 90,000 coins

Hailing from northern Algeria, Youcef Atal joined Ligue 1 side Nice in 2018. So far he has made 33 appearances for the club, scoring an impressive 7 goals along the way. A versatile young player at only 23 years of age, Atal is deployed by his new side as both a fullback and winger.

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In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Atal has already got himself two right back cards, and an 81-ated LW Team of the Week card.

This card is really great. We definitely recommend picking him up if you have the coins. Let's have a look at those stats...


Not much needs to be said about Atal’s pace. 95 acceleration and 91 sprint speed tell you everything you need to know. He is rapid. 10/10 for us in this department.

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In this area of stats Atal has a very useful 87 rating. Broken down, his dribbling stats are just as impressive. 85 agility is incredible for a defender, and 83 balance, 83 reactions, 84 ball control and 89 dribbling make him a very fun, effective card to use. Feel free to send him forward as an overlapping wing back, he is more than capable.


Considering Atal is primarily a defender, 76 shooting is not at all bad and will mean he will snag his fair share of goals. 86 positioning means he will find himself in dangerous attacking spaces naturally, and 80 overall finishing means he will bury them more often than not. 

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SENTINEL: Atal's in-game stats with a Sentinel chemistry style applied.


Atal is defensively solid, which is quite rare for an attacking minded fullback. 85 standing tackle and 85 sliding tackle make him very difficult to get past, and 83 interceptions make him very annoying to play against. Apply an Anchor or Sentinel chemistry style to him and boost these stats to the next level.


Passing is often an underrated stat for defenders. It allows them to distribute the ball out of your own box or half, with less chance of error. This obviously has its benefits. A good defender very quickly becomes a bad one when they have poor passing stats. Thankfully Atal’s are great. 87 long passing, 89 short passing, 83 vision, 86 crossing and 92 curve speak for themselves. Use this card correctly and he will rack up a lot of assists.

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Another big plus is Atal’s physicality. He is a bit of a brick wall. 87 stamina means he will run around all day without losing his sharpness, and 80 strength combined with 85 physical put him up there with some of the toughest fullbacks in the game. Physically solid.


This card is great. We definitely think if you have the coins he is worth picking up. If you have a Ligue 1 side it’s a no-brainer, but even if you don’t, we think he will make a very useful super sub, as a fullback, winger, or CDM.

Since Atal’s pace is already lightning fast, in our opinion, the best chemistry style to use on him is a Sentinel. It will boost his defending to 92 and his physicality to 88, making him one heck of player to have on your side.

At only 80,000 - 90,000 coins to complete, this is the biggest bargain of FUTmas so far.

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