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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTT Juan Cuadrado Full Review - The 30k SBC bargain

This week has seen plenty of new players available in SBCs. We’ve had Benzema, Munir, Hakimi and now it’s all about Juan Cuadrado’s 85-rated CL TOTT right back card!

To get your hands on this card you won’t have to sacrifice much, with the estimated cost of the SBC currently sitting at 28k (PS4) and 30k (Xbox One). The SBC in question simply requires a very reasonable:

  • 83-rated squad
  • inc. 1 x Team of the Week player
  • inc. 1 x Serie A player
  • with a min. squad chemistry of 65

Cuadrado (OVR 85)

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Age: 31


Position: RB

Club: Juventus

Country: Colombia

Best stats: 94 sprint speed, 93 agility, 92 dribbling

Cost: 30k - Estimated SBC price

Juan Cuadrado arrived in Turin after a brief spell in London at Chelsea. Since making the move from the blues, Cuadrado has played over 100 games for the Italian giants, scoring 13 goals from his wide right position.

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Normally deployed as a right midfielder, Cuadrado is a versatile player who is also known to play as full-back when called upon. With this latest SBC, EA have acknowledged this and have released an 85-rated right-back CL TOTT Juan Cuadrado card.

Let's get into his stats...



Pace is one of this card’s biggest pros, with an awesome 91 acceleration and 94 sprint speed. For a right-back this is a big win, and will mean Cuadrado will catch almost anyone that challenges his right flank. It also means that if you do choose to deploy this card as a right wing-back, he will be able to make those marauding runs forward with ease, and make it back in time to defend a counter attack.


Cuadrado’s shooting stat is a very acceptable 74 for a right back. 80 positioning means that if you do plan on sending him forward on the attack, he will naturally put himself in dangerous positions to assist or score. 86 shot power and 82 long shots also mean he will be a considerable threat from distance. Very decent indeed.

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Cuadrado’s passing is also very good, with an overall 79 rating in this department. 80 crossing means he can rack up a lot of assists from out wide, and 83 short passing make him reliable when distributing the ball from the back in sticky situations.


Dribbling is another real asset for this card, and not one we often see in a right-back, especially for this price. Cuadrado has an incredible 89 rating in this department.


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93 agility is utterly top-tier, and when you combine that with a balance rating of 82, 86 ball control, 92 dribbling, 81 composure and 5 star skills, you have yourself one of the most tricksy full-backs in the game, capable of wriggling out of even the highest pressure situations.


71 defending might not seem that great for a defensive player, but you have to remember that Cuadrado’s base gold card is actually a RM, meaning you’re getting all the stats of a more attacking player in a defensive position.

For sure, 66 interceptions and 67 defensive awareness are less than ideal for a defender, but 75 standing tackle and 79 sliding tackles are actually very decent. Don't forget, we can boost this area with chemistry card too!


72 physical is again not the greatest for a defender, but this card does have 83 aggression meaning he will be naturally aggressive in getting to the ball first, allowing you to ignore this stat a little, and instead rely, and take advantage of his pace and agility. 

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Overall, this card is worth the coin outlay for sure. From a stat point of view, we are being given a considerable upgrade of Cuadrado’s gold card, for a very reasonable price. The draw back however is that instead of being able to fit him into a team as a RM, RW or RF, we must include him as a RB or a RWB, which might be a little difficult.

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Due to his relatively low defending stats, we recommend deploying Cuadrado’s 85-rated CL TOTT card as a RWB in a 5 at the back formation, or a RW in a 3 at the back formation and switching his position in game. 

If you do however fancy giving him the right back position, a Sentinel chemistry style will boost his defending to a very decent 81, and his physicality to 79.

If you plan on using Cuadrado as an attacking player in game, a Deadeye chemistry style will boost his shooting to 84 and his passing to 85, making him very dangerous both as provider and finisher. 

In our opinion, definitely worth the price and a fun card to have in your squad because of his versatility in multiple positions on the right.

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