FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: TOTW 9 Red Player Pick Guide - Messi, Lewandowski, Robertson & more

Team of the Week 9 has been released into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with another set of Weekend League rewards coming out on Thursday at 08:00 GMT.

It’s time to start considering who you’re going to want to take in your red player picks!

This TOTW is without doubt the best set of In-Forms we’ve seen so far in FIFA 20, with Messi, Lewandowski, Nainggolan and Telles all looking like incredible cards.

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Top-Tier Selections

These are the top-tier picks from this Team of the Week. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these players, I’d be definitely looking to select them to get them into your squad.

Being an amazing TOTW 9, there are 5 cards that we can class as truly ‘top tier’ this week, and would make incredible improvements to most squads in FUT.

Lionel Messi - 95 OVR

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We can talk about stats all day, but with Messi, there’s no need. He’s simply one of the best cards in the game, if you get him as a red player pick, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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Robert Lewandowski - 91 OVR

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An already fantastic striking option gets yet another upgrade, and a good upgrade at that.

With +2 Shooting and +1 Dribbling from his previous IF, Lewa now boasts 95 Positioning, 92 Finishing, 91 Shot Power, 80 Agility and 91 Ball Control. Unfortunately the Pace is still slightly low at 79, making other faster ST options a little more appealing, however for a pure finisher, you’d be lucky to find a better player.

Andrew Robertson - 86 OVR

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Without doubt the best LB in the Premier League, potentially in the world at the moment.

For those running a Premier League team, Robertson looks to be the best LB option, with solid pace at 86, solid defensive stats, including 84 Interceptions, 85 Standing Tackling and 83 Defensive Awareness. With 95 Stamina and 91 Crossing, you can be certain that he’ll be a great player to get forward from deep and contribute with some whipped balls into the box.

Definitely keep your eye out for Andy this week.

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Radja Nainggolan - 86 OVR

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Thankfully, we’ve now got a central Nainggolan card, no more RW. This card, simply put, has the potential to be the best non-icon CM on the game currently.

With every card's stat bar Pace 82 or higher, Radja has the potential to be the best box-to-box midfielder so far this year. Going forward, he has 89 Shot Power, 91 Long Shots with solid 86 Dribbling and 87 Ball Control stats. In the defensive third, 89 Standing Tackle and 93 Sliding Tackle will be crucial. Bringing both aspects of his game together is 92 Stamina, which will allow the Belgian to get up and down the pitch for the full 90 minutes. 

Alex Telles - 86 OVR

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Alex Telles is a fan favourite this year at LB, being one of the best value LBs in the game, with solid overall stats.

His In-Form is bound to have a lot of demand for this reason, and is helped with substantial stat boosts in all areas. With +2s to Pace, Dribbling, Passing, Defending and Physical, and a +3 to Shooting, this card is a beefy upgrade to an already impressive player, making Telles the best Brazilian LB card outside of Roberto Carlos.

For those looking to link Neymar, and the new Road to the Final Militao and Allan cards, Telles could be a great option.

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Mid-Tier Selections

These are the mid-tier picks from this Team of the Week. They’re not the best players you could get, but they’re certainly not bad selections either.

87 Szczęsny - While being 87 rated, playing for Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) with good links to the likes of IF De Ligt, Serie A defences aren’t utilised that much this year, meaning Szczesny isn’t the best option.

84 Ricardo Pereira - A solid 84 rated RB in the Premier League for sure, however there is so much competition in the position, with Walker, Alexander-Arnold and Joao Cancelo all being great options.

82 Håland - One for the Norwegians out there, Håland is a decent looking card, with 86 Pace, 83 Shooting, 88 Strength and is 6’4”. The only issue are the links for squads, playing in the Austrian League makes him hard to link. 

82 Oršić - This SIF Oršić card looks fantastic, with 95 Pace and 88 Shooting, coupled with 98 Agility and 95 Balance. A great super sub for sure, but won’t make many teams as a starter playing for Dinamo Zagreb in the Croatian League.

82 Capa - A great lower tier option for a La Liga RB option, with great Pace, okay Defending and great Stamina, Capa looks like a good player.

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Low-Tier Selections

These are the low-tier picks from this Team of the Week. There’s no pretty way of saying this, consider yourself unlucky if these are the only options you’re receiving.

84 Payet

84 Van de Beek

83 Foster

83 Barella

81 Herrmann

81 Bouanga

81 Kryvtsov

80 Hennings

80 Martin

79 Trimmel

76 Dessers

75 Doidge

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