FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Four League Hybrid – Saul, Fraser, Konate & more

Featuring players from the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga, and costs less than 40k.

by ayesports

In this article, we’ve built you a four League Hybrid squad meaning it features players from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. Get yourself this team for less than 40,000 coins and rip it up in Division Rivals.



For this team, we’ve gone for a 4-2-3-1 (2) formation, offering a good balance across every position.

Jiri Pavlenka (OVR 84)

Age: 27

Club: Werder Bremen

Country: Czech Republic

Best stats: 86 diving, 88 reflexes, 80 positioning

Cost: 3200 PS4 / 4400 Xbox One

Pavlenka is a really good choice in the GK position. He’s 6’5 and towers above almost any attacker. With 88 reflexes and 86 diving he’ll keep your net as safe as Werder Bremen’s – at only 4,000 coins he is an absolute bargain.

Ibrahima Konate (OVR 79)

Age: 20

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: France

Best stats: 85 standing tackle, 84 sprint speed, 83 strength

Cost: 1100 PS4 / 900 Xbox One

Konate is half of the young Leipzig centre back partnership which has the potential to be one of the best back two in the world. The 6ft4 Frenchman is fast, strong and has incredible defensive stats.

All this quality is available for a low cost – evidently, Konate is well worth your coins.

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Dayot Upamecano (OVR 77)

Age: 21

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: France

Best stats: 88 strength, 84 standing tackle, 88 jumping

Cost: 850 PS4 / 950 Xbox One

There’s no prizes for guessing who we’ve selected alongside Konate – none other than his Leipzig centre back partner, Upamecano. The two Frenchmen have been of significant value to the German side, who are currently sitting at second in the Bundesliga.

Upamecano is another solid defensive choice, which excellent physical stats. Again, he is an absolute steal at his price, so it’s any-brainer.

Ruben Aguilar (OVR 79)

Age: 26

Club: AS Monaco

Country: France

Best stats: 85 acceleration, 85 stamina, 80 balance

Cost: 1300 PS4 / 1300 Xbox One

Aguilar is a great choice at RB for our 4 League Hybrid. His French nation makes him easy to link, and with 84 pace, 85 stamina and 80 balance, he is a really well-rounded right back, so 1300 coins is a steal. High/High work rates make him a threat at both ends of the pitch.

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Keiran Tierney (OVR 76)

Age: 22

Club: Arsenal

Country: Scotland

Best stats: 89 sprint speed, 89 stamina, 82 aggression

Cost: 1500 PS4 / 1300 Xbox One

He may be yet to excel at Arsenal, but Keiran Tierney is massively under rated in FIFA 20. He is such a good card – he plays left back in our squad and provides a strong link to John McGinn, but you could honestly use him at CDM, he’s that strong and fast. At 1500 coins he’s a no brainer.

John McGinn (OVR 81)

Age: 25

Club: Aston Villa

Country: Scotland

Best stats: 86 balance, 93 stamina, 82 dribbling

Cost: 10,000 PS4 / 11,000 Xbox One

John McGinn’s IF card is also massively underrated. Not the most glamorous player, he often goes unnoticed – but not anymore.

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This card is strong in nearly every area. Deploy him as a CDM, a CM or a CAM and you will be shocked. He literally just keeps running.

High/High work rates mean he will find his way into the action no matter where the play is. Convert him to a CDM in this formation for full chemistry.

Tiemoue Bakayoko (OVR 80)

Age: 25

Club: RB Leipzig

Country: France

Best stats: 86 strength, 84 standing tackle, 87 aggression

Cost: 850 PS4 / 850 Xbox One

The Chelsea man is currently on loan to Ligue 1 team, AS Monaco. Bakayoko has been a popular, budget CDM choice in Ultimate Team since FIFA 18.

It’s easy to understand why, as his 86 strength and 87 aggression means he’s a tank. Give him an Engine Chemistry style and set him to Stay Back While Attacking and he will dominate the midfield.

Saul (OVR 85)

Age: 24

Club: Athletico Madrid

Country: Spain

Best stats: 85 ball control, 85 short passing, 87 stamina

Cost: 7800 PS4 / 8700 Xbox One

Atletico man Saul often goes under the radar, but his 85 overall rating proves that he is an extremely useful midfielder.

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The Spaniard possesses a well-rounded card that can contribute anywhere in the midfield – give him a Sniper Chemistry card and see his shooting and dribbling boosted to 87 and 89 respectively. 

Ryan Fraser (OVR 81)

Age: 25

Club: Bournemouth

Country: Scotland

Best stats: 92 pace, 95 agility, 96 balance

Cost: 1300 PS4 / 1400 Xbox One

Ryan Fraser is a standout player for Bournemouth, and remained loyal to the Cherries despite being linked away to bigger clubs, such as Arsenal, over the summer.

Fraser’s FUT card is just as amazing as he is – he may only be 5’4”, but he has elite agility and balance stats, and costs just above the 1000 coins mark. Give him a Deadeye Chemistry style, boost his shooting and passing stats, and wreak havoc!

Angel Correa (OVR 82)

Age: 24

Club: Atletico Madrid

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 87 acceleration, 87 agility, 80 vision

Cost: 2800 PS4 / 2000 Xbox One

Correa is a great choice at RM. He has awesome dribbling stats, excellent acceleration and agility, and with 80 vision he will whip crosses into the box for fun.

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A Deadeye Chemistry style boosts his shooting and dribbling to 91 and 82, so you can imagine the sort of damage he could deal to you opposition. You won’t find many better options for less than 3000 coins.

Alvaro Morata (OVR 83)

Age: 27

Club: Athletico Madrid

Country: Spain

Best stats: 85 sprint speed, 82 dribbling, 85 positioning

Cost: 1900 PS4 / 2100 Xbox One

Morata is a tall, fairly fast striker, and whilst he might not be the best player in Ultimate Team, he provides a lot of bang for his buck.

85 sprint speed is rare for a striker so tall, and with 85 positioning, he will constantly find dangerous space when you set his instructions to ‘get in behind’. A bargain basement baller!

The Full Lineup

Total Cost: 32,600 PS4 / 34,900 Xbox One

Usually when building Hybrid Squads we need to change formations in-game, but with this squad, it’s ready to go in the 4-2-3-1 (2) set-up. Set LM and RM to Stay Forward, LB and RB to Stay Back While Attacking, and you’re set.

If you prefer a narrower formation, this squad will easily shift into a 4-2-3-1 narrow with the wingers deployed as wide CAMs.

And there it is. 40,000k coins, 4 Leagues, pace, strength, tactical diversity… and John McGinn. What’s not to love?

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ayesports, aka Luke Crawford, is a freelance creative and Twitch partner, based in London. When he's not making stuff for brands like Nike, Honda, you can find him streaming FIFA Ultimate Team on Twitch.