FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Strongest Premier League Team – Maguire, Sissoko, Wesley & more

Are you looking to bully your opposition across all areas of the pitch? This is the team for you.

Physicality is super important in Ultimate Team this year. Gone are the days of blasting down the wing and crossing to the back post for an easy header. Strength is essential if you want to succeed in FIFA 20.

Therefore, we’ve built you a squad of the strongest Premier League players, from defence to attack, all for under the 130,000 coin mark. 

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To ensure we have the strongest line-up available to us, we line up in a 4-1-2-1 (2) formation that allows the inclusion of four central midfelders, as well as two strikers, and a flat back four. 

Bernd Leno (OVR 84)

Age: 27

Position: GK

Club: Arsenal

Country: Germany

Best stats: 83 diving, 85 reflexes, 84 positioning

Cost: 5,000 PS4 / 5,500 Xbox One

Despite Arsenal’s early season form, Bernd Leno has been solid between the sticks, making more saves than any other Premier League goalkeeper since the start of the season.

His 84 rated gold card is a bargain at the 5,000 mark, and with diving, handling, reflexes and positioning stats all above 80, he’s a great choice at the back.

Harry Maguire (OVR 82)

Age: 26

Position: CB

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Best stats: 90 strength, 84 aggression, 81 defensive awareness

Cost: 2,000 PS4 / 1,800 Xbox One

After impressing at the World Cup, Harry Maguire became the most expensive defender in the history of football when he signed for Manchester United from Leicester City this year. 

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His 82 rated gold card is one of the strongest in the league, with 90 strength and 84 aggression. Give him a Shadow Chemistry style and boost his pace to 63, and you’ve got yourself a very solid centre back.

Sokratis Papstathopoulos (OVR 84)

Age: 31

Position: CB

Club: Arsenal

Country: Greece

Best stats: 87 strength, 88 aggression, 85 defensive awareness

Cost: 5,300 PS4 / 5,900 Xbox One

Everyone knows how strong Sokratis is. That’s what he’s known for. He’s a big, no-nonsense, old-fashioned defender, and his FUT card is no different.

Probably the best, ‘cheap’, Premier League centre back you can get, Sokratis will bully anyone in his way. Give him an Anchor Chemistry style and boost his pace to 76, defence to 93, and physical to 88. Wow. 

Sead Kolasinac (OVR 79)

Age: 26

Position: LB

Club: Arsenal

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best stats: 90 strength, 93 aggression, 82 shot power

Cost: 850 PS4 / 800 Xbox One

Kolasinac has a few nicknames in real life. The Destroyer. The Tank. The Bosnian Hulk. You get the idea…

Kolasinac’s FUT card lives up to his real life reputation. Give him an Anchor Chemistry style and you’ll boost his pace to 79, his defence to 84, and his physical to 91. For only 800 coins, a great card, and one of the strongest defenders in the Premier League.

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Matt Doherty (OVR 82)

Age: 27

Position: RWB

Club: Wolves

Country: Republic of Ireland

Best stats: 96 stamina, 83 standing tackle, 80 sprint speed

Cost: 10,750 PS4 / 10,500 Xbox One

One of Wolves’ stand out players so far this season, Matt Doherty is one of the best right wing backs in the league.

96 stamina makes his 82 rated In Form card incredible, and with 75 strength and 80 sprint speed, he is a total all rounder. Give him a Shadow Chemistry card and you’ll boost his pace to 90 and his defence to 88. Considering you can quick sell him for almost the same price you can pick him up for, he is definitely worth trying out.

Fabinho (OVR 85)

Age: 26

Position: CDM

Club: Liverpool

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 88 stamina, 88 interceptions, 81 strength

Cost: 38,000 PS4 / 47,000 Xbox One

Fabinho is easily one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, and judging from his performance on Sunday versus Manchester City, he shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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Thankfully, his FUT card does him justice (although his long shot stat is a little low!) with incredible stats that make him a brick wall in the midfield. 88 stamina means he will run down opponents all day, and 85 aggression and 81 strength mean he will more often that not come out on top.

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