FIFA 20 Patch: Title Update #2 - All areas of gameplay improved, but no change to Career Mode

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FIFA 20 has only been fully available for four days, but we already have our second Patch - Title Update #2.

Almost every aspect of gameplay gets some tweaks, along with updates to Ultimate Team and Volta Football.


RealSport runs through the patch updates at a glance.

Table of Contents


  • Goalkeepers will be more likely to push the ball further away from the net when they make a save that would result in a rebound
  • In a penalty kick situation, an increased range a goalkeeper will react to the ball, and attempt to make a save, when they are standing still in the middle of the goal
    • This will result in goalkeepers being more likely to react and make saves to shots that are placed close to where they are standing when they are standing in the middle of the goal


  • Responsiveness of dribbling has been improved, when not using any dribbling modifiers or skill moves, for players that have an average rating of 80 or higher between the Attributes of Dribbling, Agility and Balance

This means when you are playing with a player that has an average rating of 80 or higher between those three Attributes (Dribbling/Agility/Balance), you should see those players being more responsive when they have the ball at their feet.

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This will not have an effect when you are using any dribbling modifiers, such as when Strafe Dribbling or when doing Skill Moves, but will be in effect when just dribbling using the basic Move Player controls, including when the player is sprinting.


Defending - Contain & Secondary Contain

  • Defenders being controlled by Contain or Secondary Contain will no longer sprint to catch up to the attacker they are trying to chase
  • Players that are being controlled by Contain will now take longer to react to the ball carrier’s movements.

Shooting - Low Driven Shots

  • Low Driven Shots (L1/LB + R1/RB + O/B) were being impacted by more error than other types of shots when being taken in easy shooting situations, such as when there is low defensive pressure or where the player is well balanced and in control of the ball

After TU#2 they are now functioning correctly.

Passing - lofted ground passes

  • Reduced the effectiveness of Lofted Ground Passes and Lofted Through Passes by increasing the amount of error present when making these passes

Volta Gameplay

  • Long distance shots taken from inside shooter’s own half will now be impacted by more error.

So when playing without goalkeepers, good luck trying to score on the counter-attack, even with an open goal.

Ultimate Team - Multi-Swap & Player Item Swapping

  • Improved the discoverability of, and added new functionality to, Multi-Swap in the Squad Screen and Squad Building Challenge Screen
    • When on the Club tab of the Squad Screen, players can now turn on Multi-Swap regardless of how the player entered the tab
    • When Multi-Swap is active, players will be able to cycle through the positions in their squad, including the subs and reserves, enabling the ability to swap Player Items in all positions without leaving the Club tab.
      • The mini-map image on the screen shows which position you are currently selecting, and now also includes subs and reserves.
    • When highlighting a specific position in the squad, there is an option to refresh the search results to update based on the currently selected position.

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  • Adjustments to Player Item swapping functionality on the Club tab
    • When changing to the Club tab, without having specifically selected a position on your squad first, it will no longer assume that you want to swap players for a specific position
    • When you select a Player Item on the Club tab, it will not automatically send that player to your squad, instead you will need to manually change back to the Squad tab
      • Once you have done this, you will be able to specifically select a position on your squad that you want to place or swap that Player Item into
  • Backing out of Player Search while on the Club tab of the Squad screen will no longer take players to the Squad tab and will instead keep them on the Club tab

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