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30 Sep 2019

FIFA 20 Career Mode: Hashtag #FixCareerMode trending on Twitter as irate gamers beg for patch already

FIFA 20 fans are up in arms over the state of the game's updated Career Mode, with #FixCareerMode trending on Twitter.

EA's game has been out for just a few hours, but gamers are already citing problems.

Many disgruntled gamers have taken to social media to vent their opinions.

@500Watchlist tweeted #FixCareerMode and its 75 game PL season, with an image of the Career Mode error (seen below).

Twitter user @BotchFC has listed a number of issues with FIFA Career mode, including teams fielding reserves and player height limited to 6'2"!

@Bondiee7 has claimed that it's about time EA are held accountable for their actions, as no other company could sell a faulty product for so much money.

Some gamers are claiming the new Career Mode is unplayable, with @GriffinNordic stating that Career mode is 100% broken

Some fans are even threatening to opt for FIFA's rivals PES because they've had enough. @GeeksNotFreaks1 tweeted that if EA don't release a patch soon he will sell his copy and buy PES

To make matters worse Reddit users are claiming that EA is deleting forum posts relating to bugs. This EA Forums link, which is active at the time of writing, includes gamers posting about their threads mysteriously disappearing from EA forums.

The Career Mode news is a blip in what's been a successful launch for EA's latest game.

Earlier in the week we reported that FIFA 20 fans were pleading to EA Sports not to patch this year’s game.

Hundreds of gamers took to the FIFA sub-reddit to voice their opinion about this year’s FIFA, which has been met with generally positive reviews, citing gameplay as one of the most improved areas.

Defending has been improved, meaning that defenders now sit off a bit more, while attacking has seen improved finishing, passing and animations – ultimately making the game more fun to play.

So, is FIFA 20 any good? Well, we’ve done a detailed comparison between PES 2020 and FIFA 20, which you can read here.