FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: RTTF Diego Carlos Full Review

Player SBCs have been coming thick and fast this week as part of FUTmas, and surprise, surprise... we’ve got another to review for you! This time it’s 84-rated UEFA Europa League Road To The Final (RTTF) Diego Carlos. This guy is a real Christmas cracker.

Costing only 75,000-80,000 coins to complete, this might be one of the best value SBCs cards on offer yet. The card is from a great league, a popular nation, and an important position - and don’t forget this is a LIVE card - meaning it can and will upgrade as Sevilla progress through this year’s Europa League competition.

To complete this SBC you will need to submit two squads:

  • 1 x 83-rated squad
  • with a minimum 75 chemistry
  • Including 1 x Liga Santander player
  • 1 x 84-rated squad
  • with a minimum 70 chemistry
  • including 1 x Brazil player

Let’s have a look at that card…

Diego Carlos (OVR 84)

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Age: 26

Position: CB

Club: Sevilla FC

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 90 strength, 82 acceleration, 85 standing tackle

Cost: Estimated SBC price - 75,000-80,000 coins

Sevilla centre back Diego Carlos made the move to Spain from France where he played at Nantes. Somewhat surprisingly, Carlos has never featured for Brazil’s national team, but this hasn’t stopped him being considered one of the best central defenders in Spain’s top flight and earning himself an 84-rated UEL RTTF live card.

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For a CB, Carlos’ pace is excellent. 82 acceleration makes him very quick off the mark, and 78 sprint speed is a strong starting point for a chemistry boost like a Shadow, which boosts this rating to a top-tier 88. Simply put, this guy is rapid.


Carlos’ dribbling stats might not seem that great at first glance, but then you remember he’s a CB! When you compare Carlos’ stats to other top-tier defenders like Lenglet and VVD he blows them out of the water in a lot of areas. 76 agility means he is very sharp on the turn, and 76 ball control, 75 dribbling and 79 composure make him very reliable under pressure. 

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Shooting is fairly irrelevant for a player who won’t often find himself with the ball in the opponent's box. Despite this, Carlos does have a fairly impressive 79 shot power, meaning if the ball does drop to him at a corner, he is more than capable of sticking it away.


Carlos’ stats in this area are obviously pretty good. Defending is his bread and butter and it comes as no surprise than he does not possess any defending stats lower than 79 rated. 85 defensive awareness means he will sniff out danger instinctively, and 85 standing tackle makes him an intimidating opponent for opposition attackers.

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This is one of the areas that really makes this Carlos card worth the coins. 84 passing is very good and means he won’t make a mess of those important passes out of defence very often. A ball playing defender in the real world, this 84-rated card is every bit is good with the ball at his feet in FIFA. It’s also worth noting that within this section of stats, Carlos also has a very impressive 82 free kick accuracy. 

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If defending was one of Carlos’ strongest areas in the stat department, it’s second only to his Physicality. He really is solid as a rock. Despite having a fairly low stamina rating of 68, he makes up for this with an awesome 90 strength, 86 aggression and 85 jumping, meaning not only will he feel like a brick wall to come up against, he will instinctively put himself in intelligent defending positions. 


This card is great. Great value. Great stats. Great potential. If you can fit him into your team we see no reason why you shouldn’t give him a shot. Strong, physical and comfortable on the ball, this card is also super versatile, making him useable as a CDM, RB or LB off of the bench. 

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ANCHOR: Our recommended chemistry style for 84-rated Carlos.

With an Anchor chemistry style we boost Carlos’ pace to 85, his defending to 92, and his physicality to 88, making him quite literally one of the most META defenders in the game. If you want even more pace, a Shadow will boost this card’s pace to 92, and its defending to 91.

Alternately, if you’re happy with Carlos’ standard 80 pace, a Sentinel chemistry style is also a great choice, boosting his defending to 93, and his physicality to 90.

One of the best things about this card is the fact that it is a live card. If Sevilla progress to the next stage of the UEL, it will upgrade even more. Given that Sevilla were drawn against CFR 1907 Cluj, there is every chance of that happening...

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