FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The New Coin Hack - The Bronze Pack Method

We all want to make coins. Besides gameplay, that’s the main aim of FIFA Ultimate Team. We want coins to build and improve our squads. 

There are lots of different ways to make coins. You can buy FIFA points. You can trade. You can play matches. You can earn rewards via Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Weekend League and hope you pack a big card.

Or you can open Bronze Packs.

Bronze Packs you say? Yes, Bronze Packs. Those little packs in the store that cost 400 coins that everyone ignores. It’s time to rip them open.

The Bronze Pack Method

A basic Bronze Pack costs 400 coins. The FIFA store describes them as “Great value for increasing club depth”, and that’s exactly what they are. Inside each Bronze Pack you’ll find a mix of 12 Bronze items including players and consumables, and 1 Rare item.

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BRONZE PACKS: They do exactly what they say on the tin.

Sounds great, right? Nope. You will never pack a Neymar or Messi in a Bronze Pack. But if you play your cards right, you might afford one soon.

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How Does It Work?

The basic logic behind the Bronze Pack Method is to stock your club with cards that will become useful (and valuable), whilst attempting to cover the cost of each pack.

Essentially, if you do the Bronze Pack Method correctly, you will fill your club with valuable Bronze cards for ‘free’.

Bronze cards are the cheapest cards in the game. They often sell for 150 coins on bid, and 200 coins on Buy It Now.

However, when an SBC comes around that has a requirement for a specific club, nation or player - Bronze Cards can sky rocket. Now your club is full of these expensive, in-demand cards and that’s when you sell them.

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What To Do

Open Bronze Packs, and lots of them. Just keep opening them. If you’re bored on the train, open Bronze Packs on the Mobile App. At work trying to avoid timesheets? Open Bronze Packs on the Web App. Just keep opening them. Don't be afraid to commit 20,000+ coins to Bronze Packs per sitting. You will make it back.

After each Bronze Pack you open, quickly check the value of every player you pack. Keep anything worth less than 900ish coins. They are not worth selling yet and will be useful. Anything worth over 900 coins, list it slightly below the lowest card on the market and it will sell, and cover the cost of the pack.

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EASY COINS: When the right SBCs come around, Bronze Cards sky rocket.

Discard useless items like badges, stadia and balls.

Send consumables like Bronze Contracts and Bronze Fitness to your club, as they always come in handy.

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If you open enough Bronze Packs, it will pack your club with Bronze Contracts and Bronze Fitness cards. This means you can use these on your players and sell all those Gold Contracts and Squad Fitness cards on the market.

If you have 100 Squad Fitness consumables in your club, that’s anywhere between 50,000 and 150,000 coins depending on their current market value. Selling a Gold Contract for 300 coins might seem like peanuts, but it all adds up. If you sell 50 Gold Contracts per week, that’s 15,000 coins, every single week.

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Most importantly, be patient. The Bronze Pack Method is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s about being smart and managing your club. It’s a get rich eventually scheme. 

In Summary

The Bronze Pack Method stacks your club with consumables. This allows you to sell more valuable Gold Consumables that you've earned from Division Rivals and Weekend League Rewards.

It fills your club with Bronze players that will rise in value when new SBCs drop that require these players. When the Chinese Super League SBC was released, players with clubs full of Bronze Chinese Players either completed the full league SBC without having to buy the cards, or sold them for profit.

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It also fills your club with Bronze players that can build chemistry in SBCs like Marquee Matchups. 

If you commit to the Bronze Pack Method, and manage your club smartly, you can easily make anywhere between 50,000-100,000 coins per week, every week. 

Enjoy the coins!

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