FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: FUTmas Douglas Costa Full Review

Merry Christmas folks. Another FUTmas SBC popped up in the FIFA Ultimate Team menus recently and is ready to be unwrapped!

We already reviewed Nabil Fekir’s 86-rated FUTmas card, and this time it’s 86-rated LM Douglas Costa we’ll be breaking down for you. 

If you’re feeling festive and fancy getting yourself an early Christmas present, you’ll have to be quick though, as it’s only available for 24 hours!

To complete this SBC, you’ll need to submit:

  • an 86-rated squad
  • including 1 x Brazilian player
  • including 1 x IF or Red FUT Champs card
  • with a minimum 65 chemistry

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Douglas Costa (OVR 86)

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Age: 29

Position: LM

Club: Piemonte Calcio

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 96 pace, 94 agility, 92 balance

Cost: Estimated SBC price - 140,000 coins

Douglas costa has had an exciting career so far, playing in Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, and now Italy. The Juventus LM has also played over 31 games for his national side Brazil, scoring 3 goals. A natural winner, Costa has won league titles with Shakhtar Donetsk, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Let’s have a look and see what this card has to offer.


Costa’s pace is quite simply frightening. 96 acceleration and 93 sprint speed is simply top-tier for a LM, LW or LF. Hold R2 or RB and get ready for take off!

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Costa’s shooting isn’t the greatest, with an overall rating of 75. Given Costa’s stats it’s probably more sensible to deploy him as a wide midfielder who creates chances for your forwards. 88 shot power and 82 long shots do make him effective from range however, and if you do wish to shoot more with Costa, we can boost this area with a Sniper or Marksman chemistry style.


More of a provider than a finisher, Costa’s passing is very decent. 82 vision means he can pick out a pass, and 84 crossing means he can pick out a cross too. 85 short passing and 86 curve will come in very useful as well, and will mean he won’t often make a stay pass under pressure. 

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Costa’s dribbling is very, very good. 94 agility and 92 mean he is able to jink in and out of defences with ease, and 92 ball control ensures he will keep the ball very close to his feet, making him a nightmare to defend against. Costa also has 5 star skills which can come in very handy in wide positions.

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BASIC: A breakdown of Costa's in-game stats.

Defending & Physicality

Admittedly, in this area costa lacks any real impressive stats, with below average ratings in this area for a card of this price range. If you have this card and want to boost these areas we recommend a Hawk or a Backbone chemistry style.


This is very expensive card for what you receive in return. However, with the right chemistry style Costa can still be very effective. 

With a Hawk we boost Costa’s pace to 98, his shooting to 81 and his physicality to 70, making him a great option at LM for Serie A squads. With a Sniper we reshuffle Costa’s stats and boost his shooting to 83 and his dribbling to 98.

If you’re a big Juventus or Douglas Costa fan we say go ahead. It’s Christmas after all, why not treat yourself? Despite some questionable stats this card is certainly still very good and will give opposition defenders a headache. Oh, and don’t forget those 5-star skills…

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