FIFA 20 TOTS: New card design? Team of the Season So Far, How to vote, When to vote by & more

FIFA 20 are powering ahead with their Team Of The Season, even with the major football leagues around the world being paused for a while.

One difference this time is that rather than Team of The Season, it's Team of the Season So Far...

Last season we had 14 TOTS teams for players to grab elite starting cards.

This year's TOTS will kick off with the Community Team of the Season So Far. Voting is now open and we share how you can get involved, but let's also take a look at what the cards may look like when they arrive on Friday, 24 April.

FIFA 19 TOTS card design

fifa 19 tots
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FIFA 19: Beautiful card design

Last year's cards had a beautiful blue & gold design.

Together with the small accents and extras they really popped in the lineup and were great for showing off.

So what will we get this year?

New TOTS design?

fifa20 tots so far
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NEW AESTHETIC: TOTSSF starts next week!

From this screenshot it looks like EA have faith that the domestic seasons are far from done.

They are also going for a mostly black motif with splashes bright green for colour.

There is also a hint of gold in there, which should make the cards pop nearly as much as the stats do.

How to vote

The Community Team of the Season So Far leaves it up to YOU to pick the squad.

You can vote at FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD, but there are a few caveats.

There is a shortlist to choose from. They have received a maximum of one performance-based special item in FUT 20.

From that shortlist, you’ll be able to select 23 players with a maximum of five players from the same league.

With at least two goalkeepers, six defenders, six midfielders, and three forwards in your side you have plenty of choice.

The 23 highest-vote recipients adhering to these balloting criteria will be released during the course of Community Team of the Season So Far.

When to vote by

It looks like the deadline will be 19 April, so make sure to get your votes in as soon as possible.

Make sure to get your vote in before then!

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VOTING SCREEN: Here's what one of the voting screens looks like

But what happens if you make more than one vote?

Good news is that you can make as many votes as you like, but be warned that they will only count the votes from the last squad you create before the deadline - so vote wisely!

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