FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 2 REVEALED: Ronaldo, Ribery, Alaba, Zakaria SBC & more

10 new players, including all-time greats and rising stars are here! But who can play where?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant
fifa 20 shapeshifters team 2 revealed alaba

As of last Friday, the long wait is finally over!

After we got 15 players in Team 1 of the brand-new Shapeshifters promo on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Team 2 has arrived with 10 new players!

Shapeshifters features a select group of players shifting in position, stats, and upgrades to create brand new superstars.

Let’s take a look at who’s in Team 2!

The promo is made up of some of FUT’s most popular players with specific upgrades, including:

  • Different preferred foot
  • Upgraded work rates
  • Boosted stats

Here is the complete list of the 10 players that are available in FIFA 20 packs now until Friday 6th March.


Complete Shapeshifters Team 2

fifa 20 shapeshifters team 2 ronaldo ribery alaba
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We were only promised five cards, but EA have outdone themselves with 10!

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Let’s take a look at each individual card.

Cristiano Ronaldo, RW, 95 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 C Ronaldo

Where to start… Cristiano Ronaldo is an all-time great, and this card is a quality option at RW.

It brings 94 pace, 94 shooting, and 91 dribbling to terrorise full backs.

N’Golo Kante, CB, 92 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Kante

It’s a natural position for the defensive midfielder to fall into, and with 92 defending, 89 physicality, and 83 dribbling, Kante is an ideal ball-playing defender despite his height.


Franck Ribery, ST, 91 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Ribery

The veteran French star picks up this striker card.

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With 86 shooting he isn’t ideal as a sole front-man, but with 91 pace, 93 dribbling, and 90 passing he is going to be an assist-machine and cause chaos among slow centre backs.

Richarlison, CAM, 90 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Richarlison

The Everton man has been in fine form this year both in front of goal and creatively. Now you can put the Brazilian at CAM.

With 91 dribbling, 90 pace, 90 shooting, and 87 passing he can crush any opposition.


David Alaba, CB, 88 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Alaba

The Austrian player has always been versatile, and now you get that in FUT.

This centre back card comes with 86 pace, 87 defending, and 85 passing.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, CM, 88 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Alexander Arnold

Liverpool’s magnificent right back can now work his magic in the middle of the park.

his 91 passing, 86 dribbling, and 84 pace will play incredibly well in the heart of your midfield.

Ricardo Pereira, LB, 88 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 RICARDO Pereira

Leicester City’s Portuguese star is now the ideal attacking full back.

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His 92 pace, 87 dribbling, and 84 passing will make a huge impact for any squad.

Milot Rashica, RW, 86 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Rashica

Werder Bremen’s young Kosovo player can now take up a spot out wide and create for you.

With 94 pace he’ll burn down any defence, and his 92 dribbling and 85 shot give him a deadly end product.

Ferland Mendy, CDM, 86 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Mendy

If you want pace in the middle of the park then this Ferland Mendy card is for you.

92 pace, 88 physical, and 85 dribbling, he can play for anyone.

Vinicius Junior, ST, 85 OVR

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters 2 Vinicius JR

The final Shapeshifters Team 2 card is Real Madrid’s starlet Vinicius Junior.

Upfront with 95 pace, 90 dribbling, and 84 shot he will be impossible to contain.

Denis Zakaria SBC, CB, 87 OVR

fifa 20 shapeshifters team 2 Denis Zakaria SBC

As a CB, Zakaria has pretty much everything you’ll need, with pace, strength, height, and solid work rates.

Being 6’3” with Low/High Workrates, Zakaria is perfectly suited to playing a defensive role, and his stats are very well balanced also.

His 88 Pace on card looks great, however it is made up with 81 Acceleration, which is still decent, but isn’t as good as the 88 pace suggests.

Toby Durant