FIFA 20 Flashback César Azpilicueta SBC: Requirements, Costs and Analysis

Azpilicueta’s Flashback SBC is live now in FUT, check out his requirements here!

by Matt Thomas
Azpilicueta Flashback

Cesar Azpilicueta’s Flashback SBC has been released in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for a limited time, celebrating his 2016/17 Season.

Azpilicueta SBC Information

Here’s all the information regarding Azpilicueta’s Flashback SBC, from release dates to SBC requirements to overall SBC costs.

Release Date: Thursday 27th February – 6pm UK

Expiry Date: Wednesday 4th March – 6pm UK


SQUAD 1: Premier League Players: Min 1 | In-Form Players: Min 2 | Squad Rating: Min 84 | Team Chemistry: Min 80

SQUAD 2: Chelsea Players: Min 1 | In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 85 | Team Chemistry: Min 75

SQUAD 3: Spain Players: Min 1 | In-Form Players: Min 1 | Squad Rating: Min 85 | Team Chemistry: Min 75

To view SBC solutions you can visit FUTBIN.

SBC Cost: ~200,000 Coins.

Worth it? 50/50. While he’s a solid CB, he is a little short at only 5’10”. If you’re running a first owner Premier League/Chelsea squad, then you should consider him, but for a main squad, I’d steer clear.

Azpilicueta In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

As a CB, Azpilicueta has most of the stats you’d look for in a good quality centre half, despite only being 5’10”.

First off, his Pace looks very solid, with 84 Acceleration coupled with very high 75 Agility and 77 Balance for a CB. With 90 Reactions also, expect this card to feel very responsive in defensive situations.

As a ball playing CB, Azpi looks solid, would 84 Short and Long Passing, and with okay Ball Control, he’ll be a good player to play out of the back with.

Defensively, the card looks solid. While his heading is a little low at only 78, his 89 Defensive Awareness, 91 Standing Tackling and 90 Sliding Tackling are more than solid enough.

His physical stats do leave a little to be desired, with only 81 Jumping being 5’10” and 73 Strength severely limiting Azpilicueta’s physical presence in defence.

Azpilicueta Squad Links

Being Spanish playing for Chelsea in the Premier League, there are a tonne of options you can use to link Azpilicueta into your lineup.

In goal, you have 89 De Gea, being a top tier Spanish link. Defensively, the partnership with Future Stars 87 Tomori is certainly an interesting link to a popular card. Moving into the midfield, TOTY 97 Kante is easily the best option, with Future Stars 89 Hudson-Odoi and Scream 85 Adama being the best options to link out wide.

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Matt Thomas